As you plan your baby’s summer wardrobe, you may find yourself wondering what baby clothes to buy for the summer. With so many adorable styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect outfit. 

However, it’s best to have a wide range of summer baby clothes, perfect for everyday wear and even some dressy outfits for special events. 

To learn more about summer attire for your baby and how to keep your baby cool and stylish all summer long, you’ve come to the right place. Be sure to keep reading for all the details on the best summer clothes around. 

Staples in a Summer Wardrobe

Short sleeve onesies are essential for any baby’s wardrobe. They’re lightweight and can keep your baby comfortable during the warm summer months. If you’re uncomfortable in a certain outfit, remember that your baby will be, too. 

Look for onesies that are made from breathable materials, such as bamboo and cotton. A sweet and soft romper will look stylish while keeping your baby cool. 

Popular outfits for summer fashion include button front rompers, soft cotton dresses, and collared rompers, perfect for little boys. 

Sunglasses are adorable but also functional. They help protect your baby’s eyes from harmful UV rays, which can cause long-term damage. Be sure to take them with you wherever you go. 

A baby swimsuit is also a summer must-have for any stylish, trendy baby. As you prepare to take your baby out for their first swim, remember to pack a comfortable, fast-drying swimsuit. Babies under six months need more protection, so look for a swimsuit that offers a long sleeve top. 

Since the FDA discourages the use of chemical sunscreens on babies under six months, it’s best to cover them up with long sleeve swimsuits instead. 

Sleep Summer Attire

As adorable as baby clothes are for the day, sleep attire is just as important and equally cute. It’s crucial to prevent your baby from overheating, a leading cause of SIDS. While your baby may need an extra layer in the cooler months, they usually do not in the summer. 

Aim for breathable cotton and bamboo pajamas, and skip blankets or hats, as babies should never have their faces and heads covered when they sleep. Frequently check your child for signs of overheating to ensure they’re comfortable all day and night long. 

For younger babies that are still swaddled, ensure your swaddle is a lightweight, breathable cotton fabric or that you use a lightweight, breathable sleep sack. 

Get Ready to Shop

Now that you know the best items for your baby’s summer wardrobe, it’s time to shop. Make sure to purchase lightweight, breathable hats to shield your little one from the sun, helping to protect their delicate skin and keep them from overheating. Look for cool, breathable clothing and plenty of shorts, dresses, and t-shirts. 

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