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How to Make a Baby Gift Basket

When it comes to baby showers or baby birthdays, you will find people gifting various types of gift items to the baby. Some will gift toys, some will gift blankets, and some also gift clothes. These are rather standard and common gifting ideas. If you receive these items on a regular basis from your near and dear ones, it can often get rather boring. It will not be a bad idea to spice up the gifts to some extent. Whether you wish to gift the new mother or the baby, gifting in a specially made gift basket will make things quite interesting.

A great resource if you don’t have the time to make your own is www.bundleandtwine.com.au/shop/category/for-baby.

Some of you may not be aware of the ways to make a baby gift basket. It is very simple if you put some level of imagination into it. Here are ways to make an interesting gift basket for a baby.

  • Choose a Basket: When you decide to choose a suitable basket for your next gift to a baby, it will not be a bad idea to decide upon the color first. Colors such as red and blue for boys and pink and purple for girls is still a common idea. However, there is no need to restrict yourself by the binary standards of gender assignment. You may also opt for other colors such as green, brown, yellow, and orange, as long as the colors are light and pastel colors. Once you are done with the colors, choose a proper theme that should be unique and fun, such as polka dots, animals, stripes or even butterflies. Next up is the basket. It should be smooth without any splintering and color flakes. Make sure to keep all your supplies handy, such as foam, ribbons, bows, plastic wraps, tags, and other types of decorations.
  • Filling up The Basket: Before you decide to fill up the basket with baby related items, line the bottom of the basket with a thin piece of tissue paper and even filler. You may also use a plush and soft baby blanket. Start filling up the basket with items that will be necessary for the mother, such as cloth pads, lanolin, cocoa butter and breast pads. Next, fill up with baby wipes and diapers that are rather necessary for babies. You may also include chocolate in the basket for those late-night cravings. You may also ask other mothers about things that are important for a new mother.
  • Decorate the Basket: Once the filling up is complete, you should turn your attention to decorating the basket. You can wrap the handle with a thick ribbon and also apply some bows to the front side and the handle of the basket. Use wood letters or foam to mention the baby’s name in front of the basket. Wrap the basket with a colored or even clear plastic after decorating it. Secure the sides and the top of the basket with tape and a ribbon. If needed, you may also decorate the exterior with balloons, bows, stickers, and personalized writing.

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