How to Help a Senior Loved One Stay Independent

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A loss of independence is something many people worry about as they age. Feeling like you no longer have the same rights and the ability to make your own decisions about your life and how you live can be upsetting and frustrating. If you find yourself in a situation where you have a senior loved one that needs a little extra support, you may be concerned about how you will achieve this without harming their independence. Offering help without taking over can be a challenging balancing act to manage. So finding ways to support them without overstepping their boundaries is an excellent place to start. If you would like to help a senior loved one, you should find these tips helpful:

Respond to Their Needs
When you see someone needing help, it is tempting to rush in and take control of the situation. Even though you have the best intentions, this can upset your loved one, and they may resist your help. Instead, it is helpful to take your cues from them and maintain an open dialogue. Speaking to each other with honesty should help you provide them with the care they need without crossing any boundaries and causing any upset. This can be particularly the case when it comes to sensitive discussions, such as moving to somewhere like Concordia Assisted Living. So it’s important to approach with caution. It may take time to adapt to this way of doing things, but it will become easier, and you will both have a much better understanding of the situation and the best way to handle it.

Make Life Easier With the Right Equipment

Many older adults experience disabling conditions, and these can impact their ability to perform daily tasks easily. Finding it difficult to walk around outside or struggling to make it upstairs can make it almost impossible to complete simple, everyday tasks. Eventually, these issues can cause a complete loss of independence for your loved one. Equipping them with living aids that make everyday life so much easier is a big help and will ensure they can move around more easily. Items such as stairlifts and handrails can be a significant benefit and allow your family member to live independently for longer.

Keep Loneliness at Bay

As well as helping your loved one make their home suitable for independent living, it is also crucial to combat loneliness. Getting outside and seeing people is an excellent way to keep loneliness from becoming an issue. Loneliness is often a problem for older adults and can cause a significant problem for their mental health and wellbeing. Providing your loved one with everything needed to go out and socialize is a considerable help. Purchasing protective underwear can give them the confidence to go out and about and feel comfortable. It is also useful to see if they could benefit from mobility aids to make walking around outside more accessible.

As you can see, there are many ways you can help the senior loved ones in your life to live independently. Providing your support and care can make a difference in their lives and help them get the most from their later years.

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