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How to Have a Fun Family Beach Day in Your Backyard

How to Have a Fun Family Beach Day in Your Backyard
How to Have a Fun Family Beach Day in Your Backyard

Because of recent events, many families have had to cancel their summer vacations to the beach. While you and your little ones may be bummed, there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy some fun under the sun. By bringing the beach to your backyard, you can have a memorable staycation that your kiddos won’t forget. Here are some tips on how to have a fun family beach day in your backyard.

Check the Weather Forecast for the Week

Before planning a backyard beach day for your family, keep an eye on the weather. Take a look at the forecast for the week and choose the hottest, sunniest day that you can find. After all, you don’t want your beach day getting ruined by rain or thunderstorms.

Suit Up

To create an authentic beach day atmosphere, you must dress the part. So put on your favorite one-piece or bikini and get your little one suited up in sunglasses, a sunhat, and, of course, a swimsuit. To prevent sunburns, you may want to give your kid a swim shirt with SPF protection to wear as well.

Just Add Water

In order to have a fun family beach day in your backyard, you’re going to need to add some water.If you have a pool in your backyard, then you’re all set to go. If not, consider purchasing a small kiddie pool, sprinkler, or slip-and-slide for your kids to splash around in.

Break Out the Games

To provide an extra source of entertainment, consider setting out some enjoyable beach-themed games to play. Examples of fun beach games that the whole family can enjoy include water gun fights, Frisbee, relay races, or simply bouncing a beach ball around. You could also consider setting up a net in your backyard and getting a small game of beach volleyball going.

Don’t Forget the Drinks and Snacks

When spending the day splashing around in the hot sun, your kids going to need some refreshments and food to tide them over. Make sure you have some tropical drinks and snacks ready.

Consider whipping up some delicious fruity drinks, such as tropical fruit punch or refreshing lemonade (bonus points if you serve it in fun coconut glasses or with little drink umbrellas). As for food, classic beach staples such as burgers, fruit kabobs, or simple sandwiches never disappoint.

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