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How To Get the Best Manicure at Home

How To Get the Best Manicure at Home
With the right steps, you can give yourself a high-quality manicure that mimics the salon experience. Learn how to get the best manicure at home here.

Going to the nail salon always guarantees you a quality manicure. If you like to get your nails done frequently, though, it might suit you well to learn how to give yourself a manicure at home. By following the proper process and using the correct products, you can ensure you give your nails the best treatment. Learn how to get the best manicure at home by reading below.

Give Your Nails a Through Cleaning

Give your nails a good washing with soap and water, and use a bit of nourishing cuticle oil to help strengthen the nails. If you have old polish still on your nails, use a nail polish remover and the cuticle oil afterward to nourish and moisturize your nails. No matter what, it’s important to have your nails clean of any oils or dirt that could ruin the adhesion of the new polish.

Clip, File, and Buff Each Nail

To give your nails a fresh start, it’s also going to be important to clip the tips down if need be. After this, you’ll need to file them carefully. Make sure to file in one direction. Choose if you want them to be round, square, or an in-between shape. Furthermore, use a buffer on the tops of your nails. Buffing enough helps remove certain oils that can otherwise ruin a manicure.

This is where having all the right tools is important—check out a guide to building your own nail kit if you need to beforehand.

Push Your Cuticles Back

An important part of how to get the best manicure at home is having your cuticles in the right state. You can start by using a cuticle remover or wash them well to soften them and remove any dead skin. You can then push back the cuticle gently with the proper tool from your kit.

Moisturize Your Hands

Moisturizing your hands and cuticles will help you out through the process. This is an opportunity to ensure your hands and cuticles are getting the proper nourishment they need to remain healthy, especially when you get manicures frequently. Use the moment to give yourself a good hand massage. You can wipe each nail again with the polish remover to make sure all the residue is cleared off. A good nourishing oil is the best product to use during this step.

Apply Your Coats

Most polish application processes involve a base coat, so start with this. After waiting a good two minutes, start applying your color coat. It’s generally best to brush from the cuticle down to the tip of the nail. Try to use few strokes so it comes out smooth. After two minutes, add a second color coat. The number of coats depends on the color. Finish up with a top coat which will seal the manicure. Make sure this lays smoothly as well so you have a nice, even surface.


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