How To Get a Workout From Cleaning the House

How To Get a Workout From Cleaning the House

It’s challenging to create a balanced life as a mom when you have kids to clean up after and want to take care of yourself. If you have a list of household tasks to do and want to take care of your body by getting a good workout, there are ways to do both. You have the chance to modify certain cleaning tasks with exercise to be an efficient parent and improve your well-being in the process.

Sweep and Mop Repeatedly To Feel the Burn

Depending on the floor, you may have a large area to sweep and mop. But regardless of the size, it will still be a great opportunity to work out your arms and legs while cleaning. Your arms are moving the broom or mop, which often requires repetition to clean effectively, similar to most workouts requiring a specific form or movement.

The constant back-and-forth motion of your arms is great for working out the shoulders, triceps, and forearms, and performing both sweeping moppings in succession will improve your arm’s endurance. Cleaning the floor in a specific pattern will make a routine you could do every week and make a good substitute for a workout routine.

Calve Raises While Washing the Dishes

Washing the dishes will require you to stay in one place for an extended time, and although your standing will burn more calories than sitting, there is a way to get in a workout as you clean. Calve raises are a great exercise when you expect to stand in one place for a while.

You won’t turn your body often to place clean dishes into the dish rack, and your feet will be stationary, allowing for some exercise. If you have a lot of dishes, you may have the chance to squeeze in more sets of calve raises to do a full workout.

Lunges While Vacuuming

Vacuuming is essential for any home, and as a mom, you will most likely have crumbs and other particulates in the carpet that you’ll need to clean up. As you vacuum, you can perform forward lunges with each step, especially if you walk straight. You could potentially walk in a smaller loop as you clean more of the room until you reach the center, which will work out your thighs and hips.

Walk Fast and Use the Stairs

Walking around the house to get things done is essential to everyday parenting, as there is normally always something to do. Increasing your movement speed while walking down the halls or up the stairs will help you get the amount of exercise you need every day to stay in shape. You’ll burn more calories by doing something you’re used to and get through your to-do list faster.

Being a productive mom and getting things clean takes a lot of work, and you deserve to feel healthy and strong. These methods for simultaneously cleaning and exercising will help you throughout your week and make you a more efficient and physically fit parent.

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