How To Find the Perfect Therapist for Your Child

Therapy is an excellent tool for many adults struggling with mental health issues or overall quality of life. However, therapy is not health care reserved solely for adults—kids benefit significantly from professional intervention and therapeutic medicine. If your kid shows signs that they need additional help, here is how to find the perfect therapist for your child.

But First, the Signs

The truth is, behavioral therapy is not for every child—professional help is only needed when children exhibit signs of mental health issues, constant trouble, or drastically unusual or detrimental behavior. So before you book a therapy appointment for your child, look for these behaviors:


Surprisingly, anger is sometimes an early indicator of depression. Children deal with many confusing hormones, emotions, and challenging obstacles throughout their early years. Most kids lack the tools needed to combat these challenges, and they typically resort to anger in moments of high stress. Some therapists specialize in anger issues and utilize targeted exercises to help deal with adverse moments and situations.


Like anger, anxiety results from children struggling with stress, hormones, or adverse times. Anxiety usually appears when kids enter secondary schooling, as their lives quickly become more mentally taxing. If your child’s anxiety interferes with school or other necessary activities, it’s best to seek professional intervention.

Acting Out Through Trouble or Drugs

Older children close to young adulthood experience many stressors and hormones throughout their time in middle and high school. Some kids, unfortunately, express their emotions through fighting, misbehavior, or drugs and alcohol. Luckily, studies show that therapy empowers at-risk youth and can help set them on a better path.

Get Them Diagnosed

If you choose to pursue therapy for your child, you must first get a diagnosis from a doctor or psychiatrist. This method allows professionals to understand your kid’s struggles and what resources are most beneficial for them. If the doctor or health care professional determines the specific causes of their behavior, they can recommend the best care available.

Choose a Professional

With a diagnosis and a clearer image of what your child is facing, you can begin selecting the perfect therapist for their needs. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications that help deal with mental health issues, but usually, only extreme cases require their services. Alternatively, many pediatric therapists and developmental-behavioral pediatricians mostly use exercises over medicine to handle behavior problems.

These activities include art therapy, child-parent interaction, group work, and trauma aid. A therapist can decide which form of mental health help is most effective for your child and begin working with them—these methods may change over time as your child ages.

Now that you know how to find the perfect therapist for your child, it’s time to book their first appointment. No matter the age, mental health is a complex problem to face. Providing professional help for your little loved ones can help set them up for a successful life.

How To Find the Perfect Therapist for Your Child

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