How to Encourage Healthy Habits After the Holidays

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We are all guilty of eating less than healthy around the holidays. And the truth is our unhealthy eating habits rub off on our kids. And let’s not even get into the things consumed while we are making those delicious treats.

Now that the holidays are behind us, it’s time to get ourselves back on track. And this needs to be a family affair. You need to get your kids back to eating healthy as well. So I’m going to give you some tips on how to encourage healthy habits after the holidays.

Find Healthy Snack Alternatives

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Drink More Water

Juices and sodas tend to be offered at every family gathering. If you are a family like mine who doesn’t normally have these drinks at home, your kids are like mine and all over the sugary drinks when they have a chance. The holidays are over so it’s time to give up the sugary drinks again. Encourage your kids to drink water as much as possible. There is nothing better for your kids than water and chances are your kids aren’t getting enough water. H20 is the way to go.

Sorry that last line was really cheesy!

Offer More Fruits and Veggies

Got a kid that is always starving on your hands. Give them a fruit or vegetable snack before offering anything else. This will give them a chance to decide if they really are hungry or if they are just bored eating. If they really are hungry it will give them a chance to get something really nutritious.

Lead by Example

Our kids are always watching us. So it’s important that we lead by example. If they see us drinking sodas and eating that cookie or cake, they are naturally going to want what we have. Drink more water yourself. Eat more healthy snacks yourself. Not only will this make YOU feel better, but you are going to be setting a fantastic example for your kids.

How are you doing recovering after the holidays? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for getting back on track!

26 thoughts on “How to Encourage Healthy Habits After the Holidays”

  1. Tracy Marie – United States – I have been learning how to do caning and how to ferment. I enjoy gardening, cooking, driftwood designs, photography, graphic design, digital scrapbooking, reading, and also I have three bearded dragons. I have decided that life is too short and I have decided to change mine. I have recently quit my full-time job as a Certified Medical Assistant at a Medical Group in my town, to peruse my dreams and to work at our family bookstore part-time. This will leave me plenty of time to see if any of my hobbies can become more than a hobby.

    It’s hard for us adults to even get back in the habit of eating healthy after months of party food. I’m trying though.

  2. JK Darling – JK Darling is a millennial blogger with a vision. She works as an editor in the e-publishing industry. She has completed her post-graduation in Biotechnology, but her vision is to give hope and encouragement to people from all walks of life. Her interests vary from reading books to playing the drums. She is a passionate worshipper of Jesus Christ.

    I like the part ‘lead by example’. Without actions, the words are meaningless. I am working on this too. Trying my best to eat healthy and take care of my body.

  3. Anna – Canada – I'm a Canadian mother to three (Cat - 1996, Monkey - 2014, Mountain Goat - 2017), living with my partner of many years (Mr. A) in rural Eastern Ontario. I blog at Abrazo and Coze, where my goal is to empower families to live their best life by providing practical solutions to every day problems.

    I think everyone must get off track at the holidays, and after indulging on so many treats you’re right, it can be hard to cut back on the sweets. Great list of tips to help us get there.
    Anna recently posted…10 Montessori Practical Life Activities For Your Child

  4. Ale – Miami, Florida – Happiness addict, people know me by being creative, passionate and happy! ////// Soy una buscadora de la felicidad y adicta al a desarrollo personal, la gente me conoce como creativa, apasionada y feliz!

    I started doing BLW with my baby and I learned quickly how many bad snack choices I was doing for myself. After making an effort to offer better options to my baby I started eating healthier as well. I wish he wasn’t dairy intolerant so that he could have yogurt as I think that’s such a good snack to have.

  5. wajihabaig – I have an uncanny ability to break things, other than that I love to cook, host and take food pictures. The fact that I am a dentist professionally, should also be mentioned here apparently, so says Google

    This is such a good article! Going to forward to my mommy friends 🙂

  6. I agree that our eating habits rub off on our kids! My husband and I have been talking about that recently and getting into eating more veggies again so the kids will too, we’ve been slacking off and making more easy meals with less veggies which isn’t good.

  7. Elease Colcord – Newburyport, MA – Elease is the voice and force behind the life and laughter of The Sunny Side of Something. Blending humor, compassion, and personal experience, Elease writes about parenting, home, food—and finding happiness in the simple things.

    The more fruits and veggies! You know when this works best– when friends are over! If I cut up carrots and peppers my kids would balk but suddenly they see their friends eating it and boom!

  8. Rhonda Albom – New Zealand – Rhonda Albom is a travel photographer, blogging at

    Yoghurt is a good idea. We’ve been stuck in an ice cream haze. We’re a bit luckier in the southern hemisphere because it’s high summer and fruit is abundant, so we stock up on fruits and mainly enjoy that as a snack rather than sugary treats (apart from the ice cream, that is)

  9. I am a person who is so into water and veggies but sad to say I am from a country that celebrates Christmas with a bang and like no other. It’s like cheat day every single day, LOL. There’s always a lot of dishes offered to feast on. Thanks for sharing this post, now I am equally motivated to get right back on my routine.

  10. Oh spot on! I am a person who is so into water and veggies but sad to say I am from a country that celebrates Christmas with a bang and like no other. It’s like cheat day every single day, LOL. There’s always a lot of dishes offered to feast on. Thanks for sharing this post, now I am equally motivated to get right back on my routine.

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