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Beyond every shadow of a doubt, dirt bikes look cool. However, beyond just looking cool, they also appear very dangerous. Due to the dangers associated with dirt bikes, not every adult is comfortable to ride on one. Regardless of the fact that adults are scared to ride on dirt bikes, there are children that are absolutely comfortable when riding dirt bikes.

Certain children are comfortable riding dirt bikes. That, however, is not an indication that they should go on and ride unprotected. Due to the risk of getting injured when riding a dirt bike, parents have to purchase protective equipment for their children. One of the basic equipment that every kid riding a dirt bike should own is a pair of dirt bike boots.

Unlike riding a bicycle and perhaps other types of bikes, when your kid rides a dirt bike, you cannot depend on hard-soled or steel-soled boots to keep their legs protected.  While hard-soled boots can offer some form of protection to kids in other situations, they will not do much when a crash occurs. Now the average person that owns a dirt bike is perhaps aware of how dangerous riding dirt bikes are. It, however, appears that people do not exactly know the degree of danger associated with riding a dirt bike. 

When young people go through orthopedic surgery, research has it that lots of these surgeries were as a result of riding motorcycles, Furthermore, a lot of these surgeries were more concentrated around the foot, tibia, and ankle. The implication of this is when people riding dirt bikes get involved in crashes, the legs are usually very much affected and the list they can do to keep their legs protected is to put on dirt bike boots

If your child must move around with a dirt bike, you will need to give their feet the right protection and the way to do this is by purchasing dirt bike boots. When looking to buy a dirt bike boot for your kid, you should be on the lookout for certain features. These features are:

  • Achilles flex zone
  • Steel toe and heel guards
  • Reinforced shin plate protectors
  • Shock-absorbing padding
  • Buckle lock system
  • Removable arch support

It is a great thing to buy the dirt bike boot bike that has the right features when you go shopping for one. However, beyond just buying a dirt bike boot that has the right features for your kid, you should also buy one that is their size.

How to get the Right Dirt Bike Boot Size for Your Kid

Kids are not adults. Due to this, getting the right size for a kid’s dirt bike boot might not be as easy as doing so for an adult, you might need to deal with some trials and errors. However, once you master the process of getting dirt bike boots for your kids, everything will happen almost automatically. To choose the right dirt bike boot size for your kid, there are certain rules you should be aware of and also stick to. One of these many rules is to select a size that is bigger than your child’s shoe size. Although this rule is not a hard and fast rule, it usually turns out right. You, therefore, will be doing yourself a lot of good by always applying it. 

Every firm that makes dirt bike boots for kids has a chart for shoe sizes. While certain charts are just ideal, there are some that differ markedly from regular shoe size. Due to this, if you must get the perfect boot size for your kid, you will have to measure their feet. When measuring your child’s feet, ensure that they are putting on a pair of riding socks. If they put on a pair of casual socks, you might not get the right measurement. The reason for this is quite straight-forward. 

Riding socks are thicker than casual socks. After getting your kid’s dirt bike boot size, you should always realize that they will not put on one size forever. This implies that you should understand how to get the right size as they begin to approach adulthood. It is normal for grown-up children to put on the biggest youth size before the fully become adults. There are, however, situations in which you will struggle to find a size for your child when looking at youth sizes. When you find yourself in this situation, you simply need to check adult sizes.

How to Help Your Kid Get Comfortable with a Dirt Bike Boot

It is not out of place for your kid to feel strange when they first put on a dirt bike boot. At first, dirt bike boots feel a little too tight. When you buy a dirt bike boot for your kid, for them to get used to its feel, they will need to walk around the house with their dirt bike boot on. This way, they will not struggle to get used to putting on dirt bike boots. Furthermore, your kid should not go ahead and make use of a dirt bike boot when riding a dirt bike until they are comfortable with the feel of such dirt bike boot.

To avoid buying dirt bike boots that do not offer your kids the right level of comfort, always avoid dirt bike boots that are extremely tight.

How to Get the Best Dirt Bike Boot for Your Kid

Now that you know how to get the right dirt bike boot for your kid, you will need to know how to get the right dirt bike boot for your kid. Some of the features you should put into consideration when looking to get a dirt bike boot for your kid are:

Durability: Riding a dirt bike is not a very comfortable activity, it can have a great toll on your footwear. You, therefore, will need footwear that will last the test of time. Comfort: Comfort is essential so long riding a dirt bike is concerned. You should consider this when buying a dirt bike boot for your kid.

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