No matter if you are trying to hide away your Beanie Baby collection or if you simply have a bunch of extra furniture that you are looking to store in a safe place, renting a storage unit is going to be something that can help you with all of your storage problems.  However, if it is going to be your very first time leasing a storage unit, you are probably not going to be familiar with all of the ins and outs of them, or even where to start in renting one for that matter. Here is everything that you need to know when it comes to renting a storage unit.


What to Know Before Renting Your Storage Unit

When it comes to a site with self-storage facilities, they are going to offer you both long term and short-term options.  With this, you are able to store just about anything that you may want to store, meaning that it can be home goods, personal stuff, or even business goods that you need to put away for a while.  And what makes storage units even better, is the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, you are going to be able to get the right amount of space for the same price as anybody else.  

No matter if you are a college student who needs to store your stuff for the summer, or a small business owner who has tons of files that need to be stored, a storage unit is going to provide you with the best solution that you can get.  Here is what you need to know in order to get enough space to store all of your belongings.

What You Should Look For

When it comes to renting a storage unit, there are going to be several different factors that you are going to want to look at prior to actually getting the storage unit.  These are going to include:

  • Accessibility:  Does your storage facility provide you with access to your unit 24 hours per day?  What about weekends? This is going to be very important as you are more than likely going to want to access your stuff that is in your unit whenever you want to.
  • Security:  Are there locks, video surveillance, gates, and in person security on the premises?  If not, you may want to consider looking at a different storage facility.
  • Pricing:  Be sure that you always ask for any kind of first-time client specials or online discounts.  This can help you to save lots of money in the long run.
  • Availability:  Are they going to have the amount of space that you need available?  When it comes to storing your stuff, you are going to want to make sure that there is enough space to accommodate everything.  So be sure that you ask in advance if they are able to handle all of your belongings.

When it comes to self-storage units, the best thing that you can do is be prepared and know exactly what you are looking for.  Only then will you be able to find a facility that is able to accommodate all of your needs.

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  1. I agree that you would want to make sure that you could get access to your stuff whenever you need to. I am thinking about getting a storage unit to put all my camping gear and stuff in, and it would be a shame if I couldn’t get access to it on the weekends when I need it. I’ll have to make sure that I ask about when they are open before choosing a storage company.

  2. I just recently moved into my new space, and so far not all of my things fit would fit in there, that’s why I’m currently looking for a storage facility. It’s great to know that, the storage facility will provide 24 hours per day. I’ll also make sure to seek for any online discounts.

  3. It’s interesting to learn that you should consider getting a storage facility that is open 24 hours a day. My wife and I are moving to a new area and we were wondering where we could store some of our valuables. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for a 24-hour storage facility in our area.

  4. It’s interesting to learn that you should look for a self-storage facility that offers video surveillance for security. My wife and I are wanting to downsize and we were wondering what we should look for in storing our belongings in a storage facility. I’ll be sure to look for a self-storage facility that has video surveillance cameras.

  5. You made a good point that having video surveillance is a good sign when looking for a storage facility. I’m planning to rent one because I need to store some old furniture that I want to get rid off to clear up some space at home. While I haven’t found buyers for them, I think it would be wise to keep them in a storage unit with good security features.

  6. I really need a storage space, I planned to buy a bike for my daughter and it could be the right input to recuperate space at home.

  7. Thanks for reminding me to check for any locks or video surveillance in the facility before renting any self-storage units from them. I’ll be staying overseas for half a year and since I don’t want to pay for my apartment rent during this time period, it might be better to just store my things away. I’ll follow your advice and ensure that the facility is safe and secure before I trust them with my stuff.

  8. It’s good to know that you should know about video surveillance before renting a storage unit. My wife and I are wanting to downsize our living. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for a storage unit that has video surveillance capabilities.

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