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How Combining Artificial Intelligence And Sales Can Increase Your Conversions

Sales is a key part of running a business regardless of the size, but by combining computer technology could you make the process more efficient. In this article, we will be looking into how you can increase your conversions by using purchase intent marketing as well as other techniques such as Artificial intelligence.

Redefine The Sales Funnel

One of the main ways that AI can help to increase conversions is to streamline the conversion funnel. With a number of elements to consider during every stage of the funnel, implementing AI can help to lessen the work from the sales team and help aid conversion in the early stages. This can also help to ensure no potential leads fall through the cracks when reaching out to leads helping you to gradually increase your conversion rate over time.

The Use Of Chatbots

AI can also be used in the form of chatbots to help lessen the amount of work for the sales team. A chatbot can be implemented in the early stages and can be used to talk to leads during the awareness and interest sections of the conversion funnel. This then opens the door for the sales team during the consideration and intent stages as they can then begin to build a relationship with you as a business. This is beneficial when looking to gain conversions as you are building trust and guiding them to make a purchase or use your service.

Helps To Identify Sales Opportunities

AI chatbots can also help to identify sales opportunities as they can track where your leads are coming from as well as their behaviour through there unique IP address. This is great for your business as you can then use the data that is collected to segment the target audience and use remarketing tools for those that have left an empty basket or have signed up for a newsletter. AI helps to streamline this process as well as ensure you are nurturing the lead for the best possible outcome for both you as a business and the customer.

Predict Customer Behaviours

AI and a network of deep neural networks can be programmed to predict outputs based on a given input to predict customer behaviour and help to solve any issues that you may face. Though this is great for a business, it does take a large amount of data as well as computing power to operate such a network, making it a worthwhile investment for larger businesses rather than small start-ups. This particular AI algorithm is present on platforms such as Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime as it promoted content for people to watch based on their behaviour on the platform. This is also present on E-commerce sites such as Amazon that tracks the shopping behaviour and suggests other items based on this.

Whether you opt for a chatbot or a complex AI system, you can gain the increase in conversions that you need by implementing traditional methods and AI technology. Will you be trying this for your business.

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