Halloween is always an exciting time of year for my family. Carving pumpkins, trick or treating, eating all of the candy we could imagine. This year we did something a bit different for Halloween. We decided to abandon our usual trick or treating traditions to wonder over to Nashville for Geek Media Expo. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of the coolest costumes ever the entire Halloween weekend?


Before we went I was a little concerned how my kids at ages 5 and 10 would handle a weekend long expo. This was their first time going to anything like this and I was a little worried about how kid friendly it would be. I was pleasantly surprised that most of the event was incredibly kid friendly. There were ratings on all of the events so I knew ahead of time which ones to avoid taking the kids to. While there were lots of adult only events, there was no shortage of events for the kids.


The host Saturday morning cartoons which is exactly what it sounds like. Imagine wondering downstairs in your pajamas to watch your favorite 80’s cartoons with your favorite bowl of cereal. That was Saturday morning cartoons. My kids cracked up at the commercials. My 10-year-old commented, “Those are the toys you had to play with?!” It was fantastic seeing their reactions.

There were also lots of interesting classes and workshops including a Lego workshop. The kids got to participate in a costume contest. The work some of the parents put into these costumes was amazing to me. The kids even got to go trick or treating to all of the tables and booths. So while we didn’t do the traditional neighborhood trick or treating in the rain, my kids still left with tons of candy and they didn’t have to get wet in the rain. That’s a win!

rock band

The highlight of the whole expo for my kids was the game room. Oh my goodness. They saw this place and they were in heaven. They got to play on all of the older and newest consoles. My 10-year-old loved playing Super Smash Bros live with 7 other people. She told me is was way more challenging and super fun. My 5-year-old took the lead at Rock Band 4 as he took control of the vocals. That kid is not shy and has some mad singing skills! As a side note, thank you to the participants who were patient with him as he kept requesting to sing For the Longest Time by Billy Joel as that song was nowhere to be found.

Overall we had a great experience at Geek Media Expo. Everyone was super accepting and nice to our kids. There was plenty to do the entire weekend for both the adults and kids. My husband and I even got the enjoy some of the adult activities. Oh and I didn’t even mention why we went in the first place. My husband presented 2 classes, Virtual Reality Development and 360 Video Production. We will be posting both of these classes as 360 videos at Agilibility. We also got some 360 videos of some of our favorite characters we encountered. When you watch these videos you can pan around in the video to see everything that’s going on (and there is a lot going on).

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  1. WELL THIS is a kick butt way to spend Halloween!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun and how cool that the kids also had a blast!

  3. This looks like it was so much fun!

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