Great Instruments for Young Children
Great Instruments for Young Children

Most children can learn just about anything when they set their minds to it. Still, when it comes to playing music, kids want to learn quickly so they can have fun with it. Some instruments are just easier for them to handle when they are not yet fully grown. Let’s take a look at 5 great instruments for young children and get your child on the road to musical enjoyment.

The Piano

The piano has a long-standing reputation as an instrument for all musicians to begin with. It enhances hand-eye coordination, improves self-esteem, and lowers stress levels and anxiety. In addition, many children make beautiful music quickly on the piano, which encourages them to continue. There’s no stretching small hands and searching for hard-to-find strings as with some other instruments. With the piano, young children see the keys in front of them, making it one of the great instruments for young children.

The Recorder

The recorder is often used in schools during music classes thanks to its low price, lightweight, and ease of use. It also prepares children for future wind instruments because it requires breathing techniques in a simpler form than other, more difficult wind instruments.

The Ukulele

The ukulele is a low-cost instrument that brings a large amount of fun and smiles. Many say you can’t play a ukulele and not smile. It does have a “happy” sound to it no matter what you play. Just as the recorder prepares children to possibly play tougher wind instruments down the road, the ukulele prepares kids for more difficult strings later on.

A huge benefit of the ukulele is its strings are made of nylon, making them easier to press down than guitar strings. When purchasing a ukulele, keep in mind that they come in several different sizes and styles, making it easier to find the perfect fit for your child.


While not always a parent’s favorite because of the loud noise, drums are great for younger children. If you’ve got an active child, the drums are the best because they involve lots of moving body parts at once. The hands, arms, legs, and feet all keep moving with the drums. Your energetic child will expend a lot of energy. Oh, and some really good news—you can purchase an electric drum set so they can play using headphones.


When you see a xylophone, you may want to play too. They’re often designed in fun colors for children, and kids love them because they can easily play by ear. With a xylophone, your child can play pretty music instantly and progress into more percussion later on.

No one knows your child better than you do. Our list of great instruments for young children to play is a starting point to give parents some ideas. We recommend you start with that one if your child is begging for an instrument. Teach them to follow their passions, whatever they may be.

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