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Cleaning the ears is much more than using a cotton swab once in a while. In fact, improper use of the swab can damage your ears. The ear canal is sensitive, so it is important to know how to care for it. It’s a fact that damage inside the ear can lead to hearing loss. It’s important to know the signs of hearing loss. Age is the most common cause of hearing loss which develops as a natural consequence of aging and is known as presbycusis. Most people start to lose a small percentage of their hearing around the age of 40. This hearing loss increases over the years. By the age of 80, most people have significant hearing problems. Other signs may be:

  • You have difficulty watching conversations between two or more people. 
  • You think other people are talking too slowly or muttering. 
  • You have difficulty hearing in noisy environments, such as conferences, restaurants, malls, or crowded meeting rooms. 
  • You have difficulty hearing children and women. 
  • Have the TV or radio on high volume. 
  • Answer or respond inappropriately to conversations.  
  • Your ears ring. 
  • Read the lips or carefully watch people’s faces when they speak to you.

Researchers found that people with mild hearing loss were twice as likely to be diagnosed with clinical depression as those with normal hearing. This is why it is important to find the problem as early as possible and get tested! 

Clean your ears well

Contrary to popular belief, using cotton swabs or hairpins to remove earwax is not the best way to clean your ears. They do not clean effectively, and may even push the ear wax even deeper into your ear canal. Doctors recommend that no foreign objects be placed in your ear, especially when they have the ability to pierce or damage your eardrum. An obstruction is a condition in which earwax accumulates inside your ear and begins to solidify. This can cause headaches and other symptoms, and may even affect your hearing. Once the problem has reached this point, it is time to see a doctor to have this mass removed by a specialist. Ear wax traps fat and dirt, so it’s best to remove it from your ear as soon as possible.

Symptoms of obstruction include ringing and pain in the ear, hearing loss, dizziness, and even odor. If you use hearing aids regularly, you may be more likely to have an obstruction. This is why it is important to keep your hearing aids and ears clean. Knowing how to clean your ears is an important part of your hygiene and self-care. However, unlike brushing your teeth and showering, it does not need to be done very often. The movements of your jaw while talking and eating usually treat the ear wax in a natural way, and keeping the outside of your ear clean can be done simply with a damp cloth. However, you may need to clean the inner ear canal, and this requires care and a lot of care. The best way to do this is to visit a professional. There are the necessary tools and the right training to clean your ears. Some of these practices can be done at home, including rinsing the ear. During this method the ear is rinsed and cleaned. There are over-the-counter earmuff products available at the pharmacy that can be used to break and soften the ear wax, so you can then gently rinse your ears with a saline solution. People with diabetes, immunodeficiency, or eardrum rupture should not attempt this. If you have hearing problems, discuss your ear cleaning options with your doctor before attempting anything.

About one-third of people over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss and may be at risk for their overall health by not being treated. It’s important to see your hearing as part of your health. Hearing loss is a chronic problem and technically can affect us like any other chronic illness and chronic pain. If you do have your ears tested and you have hearing loss of some type then a hearing aid will be the best option for you. Hearing aids can compensate for hearing loss and make a significant difference in the lives of almost all people with hearing loss. The first step is a visit to the ENT doctor and then look at the best solutions to help drive you forward to a happier future. Be sure to put the control back in your own hands. 

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