Gift Guide: What To Ask for on Your Baby Shower Registry

Gift Guide: What To Ask for on Your Baby Shower Registry

Congratulations, momma-to-be! The time before the birth of your little one is an exciting yet busy one, full of shower planning and nursery designing. Creating your registry is one of the essential tasks to do before your baby shower. After all, how else will your guests know what to get for the baby?

To make the task a bit easier, read on for our baby shower gift guide. Here are all the essentials you should ask for.

Personalized Gifts for Your Little One

There are few gifts as precious as personalized ones. While you won’t want every gift emblazoned with your child’s name, a baby blanket or embroidered onesie can be beautiful. Other sweet ideas include wall art or embroidered throw pillows for the nursery.

Big Ticket Items

These items are both essential and expensive, which can make them difficult for new parents to purchase. If you have family members willing and able to buy some of these items, let them! After all, gift-giving is many people’s love language. Give your loved ones the opportunity to show you how much you mean to them.

Some big-ticket items to include are a car seat, high chair, stroller, baby swing, baby carrier, and more. If something is an essential item like those listed above and has a high price tag, add it to the registry.

Nursery Décor and Furniture

Decorating the nursery can get expensive fast. Nursery items to add to the registry include essential furniture such as the crib, changing table, or rocking chair. If you’d prefer to buy these yourself or are looking for them secondhand, you can always add the less essential nursery items to your registry.

Great examples include nursery décor items, bedding, a crib mattress, and a mobile. Guests will love giving these important items, and you’ll still be able to get the large furniture items in place before you’re too far along.

The Essential Items

While they’re less cute to pick out, don’t skip on the essential baby gear. Diapers, bottles, washcloths, and other must-have baby essentials will make your life much easier. Opening your fifth box of diapers at the baby shower might not be exciting, but just think about how much money you’re saving.

Everyone’s needs are unique, so no gift guide will be completely perfect. However, this list should give you a good idea of what to ask for on your baby shower registry.

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