Fun Wheelchair-Inclusive Games and Activities for Families

Your main goal as a parent or caregiver is to ensure your kids have the best upbringing possible—one that promotes good health and resilience. However, people with disabilities often face unique challenges regarding health promotion activities, such as lifestyle sports or daily exercise programs. That’s why disability inclusion has become increasingly important in the realm of family care. Families can create a wheelchair-inclusive environment for everyone through fun games and activities!

Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball is an exciting and rewarding sport for all ability levels. Anyone interested can find their place in the game with a few basics and some practice. Wheelchair basketball does require mastering certain rules and techniques. Learning these can be intimidating at first, but many have found that getting familiar with them is far from difficult! Abilities such as pushing and maneuvering the wheelchair, ball control, shooting, and dribbling allow you to use your unique way of playing. One of the great benefits of wheelchair basketball is that people with disabilities can participate alongside those without—making it possible for everyone to benefit from the game’s health promotion activities!

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are wonderful pastimes for people of all ages, but disability inclusion in this sector is particularly important. Creating things with your hands is a therapeutic act, regardless of whether you have a disability. Thankfully, there are many wheelchair-inclusive art and craft projects out there! A few options you and your family may consider include:

  • Paint-by-numbers kits that you can place on tables or beds for easy access.
  • Crafting decorations from plastic straws, pipe cleaners, and other materials that wheelchairs can roll over easily.
  • Making props for plays or performances that everyone can participate in, regardless of mobility level.
  • Designing digital art using app features you can control with voice or button commands.

Outdoor Adventures

Anyone can enjoy outdoor adventures, like camping or hiking, with the right encouragement and resources—including those who use a wheelchair. Thanks to disability inclusion initiatives, opportunities for all types of nature-based exploration exist for people who may have been previously excluded or experienced limitations. Various organizations established nationwide have the tools necessary to make these activities accessible. For example, The National Park Service offers wheelchair-accessible trails, beaches, and campsites across the U.S. If you plan to travel to your destination, take a moment to review some tips and tricks for traveling with a wheelchair.

Wheelchair-inclusive games and activities provide a great way for families to stay active, have fun, and bond. Plenty of accessible options are available to make sure everyone can join in on the fun, from adapted sports to craft projects. With a bit of creativity and research, it’s possible to find activities that work for your family’s abilities and preferences.

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