Frugal Food: How to Save Money on Groceries and Dining Out
Frugal Food: How to Save Money on Groceries and Dining Out

We all need to eat, but there’s no denying that food can be expensive. If you’re looking to save some money while eating well, here are a few ways you can go about it.

Meal plan

Meal planning really can save you money. How many times have you walked into a supermarket without a list, filled your trolley, got home and realised you had nothing for proper dinners? Chances are you had to go back later that week and spend more money. Meal planning keeps you organised, it ensures that you have the right ingredients that you need on the day you need them, you can go into the shop with a list and not be tempted by things that you don’t actually need. Go on Pinterest and through cookbooks, come up with a big list of meals that you and your family will eat, then each week you can pick five of them for the week ahead. That way it saves you from eating the same things over and over. 

Try budget friendly products over big brands

Supermarket own brands are often very similar to big brands when it comes to the ingredients and quality, but people who are loyal to their brands can be cautious about giving them up. It’s well worth giving things a try, you might not like everything but there will be plenty that you do. It could help you cut hundreds off your grocery bill over the course of the year, for very little effort whatsoever. 

Pack your own lunches

Buying lunches, coffee and snacks when you’re at work or on days out can be really expensive. Pack your own, there are lots of ways you can make it interesting and exciting and you’ll save a ton of cash. Think interesting sandwich fillings, vibrant salads, chilled pasta and rice- you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out. Bring your own coffee and chilled drinks in flasks that keep liquids hot or cold. 

Get deals when you eat out

Eating out CAN be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. See if the restaurant has any deals on such as two for one on certain days of the week, or search ‘Bella Italia voucher’ or whichever restaurant you want to use. When you go out, remember that the highest markup price tends to be on drinks (especially alcohol) so stick to just one if you can or order water. If you add starters and desserts this will massively increase your bill, and as restaurant portions are so large you don’t usually need them. If you do fancy a dessert, you could always split one to save money (and calories!)

Frugal Food

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  1. Really nice hack, thanks for this information
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  2. As a mom to 6 (we have a family of 8) this is an area I have had a lot of practice in and I think you have such excellent tips outlined here! You’ve covered some excellent ways to save on groceries and dining out.

  3. Thanks for some additional perspectives on saving money on groceries. Have you thought about leveraging some of the grocery rebate apps to go further?

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