Have you ever eaten fast food or a candy bar, only to be hungry again not even a few hours later? It’s because some foods help us stay fuller for longer and some don’t. The good news is you can choose healthier foods that help you stay full all day, which can aid you in maintaining a healthy weight. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

Beans including legumes 

Beans and legumes are packed with both fiber and protein which means they are a great choice if you are looking for food that fills you up. Some particularly good legumes to choose from, if you are looking to create filling food, include lentils, as they have a low Glycemic Index, which means any sugars they contain are released slowly into the bloodstream. Combined with their high fiber content, this makes lentils a very filling food. 

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They can also be delicious if prepared and cooked correctly. One option is to replace the minced meat in a bolognese or cottage pie with lentils. You can even make sloppy joes out of them! 

Lentils can also make a great burger if cooked and shaped right, although it’s vital to remember that you should never eat lentils raw. 

Whole grains 

You are probably aware that whole grain items like rice, bread, and pasta are a more healthy choice, but do you know why? It’s because they contain a great deal more fiber than non-whole grain options. This matters because as our bodies digest these products the energy contained within them is released at a much slower and more manageable pace. In turn, this means our bodies show a gentle steady supply of energy throughout the day rather than one big spike and then a drop. This makes sure that we don’t feel so hungry throughout the day and are less likely to snack on sugary treats to get our energy up fast. 

Whole grains also tend to be much more filling and it’s pretty easy to swap whole grain products. Just replace white or brown bread with whole grain or Ezekiel Bread, go for wholegrain rice, and choose pasta that is made with whole grain flour rather than white refined flour. 

You can even try making your whole-grain bread by following the recipe here. 


Another great food that can help to keep you full up all day is avocados. Technically, fruit avocados are unique in their high good fat content, and have around 3-4 gms of fiber per serving. In combination, this mix of fat and fiber can help keep you full until your next meal! 

Happily, avocados are also delicious and there are so many wonderful dishes you can make with them including guacamole and avocado pudding. Avocados are also perfection in a salad, and a great one to try is this easy to make 

Mexican chopped salad recipe. It contains plenty of following avocados as well as fibrous black beans and a mix of delicious fruits and vegetables that make it not only great for you but a tasty treat as well. 


For those looking to stay fuller for longer, eating fish is also an excellent option. This is because it is both an excellent source of protein and contains plenty of healthy Omega three fats which help to reduce inflammation in our bodies. 

In particular, look to include fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon in your diet around twice a week. There are plenty of ways you can do this from making delicious fishcakes to grilling them on the BBQ with a little garlic and oil. Niciouse salad is also a tasty option, and it combines the filling powers of eggs as well! 


Last of all, one of the most filling foods you can choose to eat is eggs. This is because eggs are choked full of proteins with around 5-6 grams per egg. They are also overflowing with important vitamins and minerals which make them an egg-cellent choice for anyone looking to eat healthy. 

Happily, there are almost infinite ways to eat eggs that will help keep you full all day. Some of the most popular include combining them with whole grain bread to make French toast or poached on top of sourdough spread with avocado. 

Then there are the delicious egg shakshuka recipes you will see all over the internet right now. Shakshuka is an African dish hailing from the region of Maghreb and it is made from a tomatoey spicy smoky sauce in which the eggs are poached. Try the easy-to-follow recipe here

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