essential oil gift guide
essential oils holiday gift guide

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This is the ultimate essential oils holiday gift guide. If you have someone in your life who is addicted to essential oils you will need this guide. Your gift will be sure to be a big hit. (And does anyone else find it hard to believe it’s already time to start thinking about holiday shopping?)

Essential Oils Case

essential oils case

Any essential oil lover would love to have a good case for their oils. A good case not only helps keep your oils organized, but it makes traveling with your oils so much easier. No more worrying about leaking oil bottles. 

Essential Oils Bottle Kit

essential oils bottle kit

Does the essential oil lover in your life like to make their own creative mixes? This is the perfect gift for that person. Whether they are making cleaning products or mixing oils for a roller they will be set. 

Essential Oils Starter Kit

essential oils starter kit

This is the perfect kit for someone wanting to get started with essential oils. This comes with a fantastic diffuser and 6 essential oils. 

Diffuser with Style

essential oil diffuser

You might be tired of your plain jane diffuser. Check out this gorgeous diffuser. Talk about decor with a purpose. 

Diffuser for the Car

car diffuser

Got an essential oil lover that is always on the go. This waterless diffuser will be the perfect gift. 

Essential Oil Jewelry

essential oil jewelry

There is some beautiful jewelry out there. Just put a drop or two on the removable pads and you will have your favorite oil with you all day. This is a great kit to get started.

Essential Oil Variety Pack

essential oil variety pack

Looking for a little variety in your life. Check out this essential oil variety pack. 

Essential Oils Guide Book

essential oils guide book

This book is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about essential oils. Learn what oils to use for what ailment. 

Am I missing anything from this essential oils holiday gift guide? Let me know! Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think. 

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Essential Oil Gift Guide

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  1. I think i will try and get that starter kit! Thanks!

  2. I am LIVING for that tree diffuser!!! That is SO cute!

  3. We bought one of these and ALL the oils last year when I was going to give birth. My husband got advice from his friend about putting it in the hospital room during labor. Did nothing for me, LOL!

    1. I love essential oils, but I’m not one of those who believes they can cure anything. Child birth is child birth. I could see myself getting annoyed with extra smells. lol

  4. This is such an awesome list of ideas for gifts! I’m definitely going to refer back when I’m shopping for gifts this year!

  5. I’ve only started using essential oils recently and am amazed how much benefits they claimed to have. This is a great guide!

  6. Great guide! I’ve never really tried essential oils but I’d love to pick up a nice diffuser.

  7. I fell in love with essential oils when I learn about it to find the cure my baby’s eczema. Your collection here is so tempting.

  8. Wow.. You got nice holiday gift guides here

  9. great article but I don’t believe it can cure

  10. wow so many options! I will have to consider getting these. Very informative post, thank you for sharing!

  11. Love these! That diffuser with the trees is beautiful, I might have to get it as a gift to myself!

  12. I could use an essential oils starter kit. I have wanted to try out essential oils for a while now, but I just didn’t get around to buy some yet. The car diffuser looks great as well!

  13. I’m just got acquainted with essential oils. My mom got me one from URPOWER – I personally like the Sweet Orange (Tee Tree smells weird lmao). It usually runs throughout the night and helps me sleep like a baby. I’d like to get one for my car.

  14. I don’t use essential oils, I never thought about using them. I would so get that diffuser because it is super cool!

  15. Wow nice holiday gift pack. You have so many good collection of oil. Amazing.

  16. omg I love the one you can take in the care !

  17. Essential oils are also a perfect gifts especially in holiday season. Wow I need some!

  18. I have tried only Lavender and it is good so far. Nee dot explore more! I liked your suggestions.

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