Doggy Caregivers: Best Ways To Care for a Diabetic Dog
Originally posted: February 8, 2023

For pet owners with diabetic dogs, ensuring their pup is healthy and happy can be overwhelming. You’ll need to modify your dog’s diet, learn how to inject insulin, and schedule regular exercise. Learn about these essential ways to care for your diabetic dog.

Understanding a Diabetic Dog’s Diet

While all dogs deserve a healthy, balanced diet, eating the appropriate foods is vital to the well-being of a diabetic dog. Since carbohydrates convert to sugar, the dog’s digestive system can’t handle too much of it without its blood sugar spiking. Experts recommend high-fiber foods for these pooches because they regulate the rate at which sugars reach the bloodstream, meaning that your pup will stay in good health if you stick to this diet.
Stick to meals with the right portion sizes advised by the vet. Sometimes it might be tempting to give your dog extra food, but this could put it at risk. Instead, talk with the vet about altering its diet if it always seems hungry. Healthy proteins like lamb ( along with lots of vegetables, is usually the best way to go, but getting advice is vital because every dog is different.

Learn How To Check Glucose

When caring for a dog with diabetes, you must monitor its insulin levels in the morning and evening. While twice a day is typical, every dog is different, and your vet will tell you what’s ideal for your pooch.

You also need to know how and where to inject insulin and the best types of needles to use. Injecting the needle in the wrong area hurts your pet, and a dog’s reaction to this can range from whimpering to growling. Painless lancing devices for pets are important because they make daily insulin injections easier on your furry friend.

Create an Exercise Schedule

Walking your pup daily is important to keep it fit, healthy, and happy. Walks help your pet maintain a healthy weight and boost its overall well-being. This is especially true for dogs with diabetes since it’s at an increased risk of developing heart disease.

A routine of walking or playing every day helps to minimize any risks associated with the condition. Additionally, this daily exercise can reduce the chances of arthritis and give your dog the mental stimulation it needs to stay engaged and alert.


Consider doing doga, dog yoga, with your pup so that both of you can exercise and decompress. Keeping stress levels low also helps to regulate your dog’s natural insulin levels.

Prevent Caregiver Burnout

When it comes to caring for your diabetic dog, don’t forget about your well-being. Caring for a sick pet can sometimes be overwhelming, with all the medical appointments, medication schedules, and special diets to monitor. Feeling completely adrift or burned out can be easy if you don’t reach out and ask for help.

Having a support network in place makes it easier to care for your pet and relieves some of the added stress. Even through illness and all the difficulties that come with it, there are still moments throughout the day when you can appreciate the bond between you and your furry friend.

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