Creative Ways to Display Your Indoor Plants
Creative Ways to Display Your Indoor Plants

When you want to add more green to your home, you’ll need to know where to put the plants. With your patio filled up and your balcony looking like a jungle, what options do you have? Have no fear! Read about these creative ways to display your indoor plants and get some new ideas.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you can increase your kitchen sill’s plant capacity by adding extra shelves. Also, consider expanding your garden onto other windowsills, like your bathroom or bedroom. Light streaming in through green leaves is a great way to give any space a breath of fresh air.

Entertainment Center

Your TV stand can be so much more. Consider adding some vibrancy to the stand or the cubbies around it with a string-of-pearls or another creeping vine. This can quickly turn a dull, dark spot into a cute one.


The best part about a terrarium is that you can determine the exact scale. Run out and get a bell jar or turn your unused cake plate dome into a tiny ecosystem. You can even take this a step further and decorate the terrarium by adding miniature objects.


You can use smaller planters to great effect on the dining room table. Consider creating different centerpieces based on the upcoming holiday or season!

Hanging Plants

When you run out of space on the floor, start hanging plants from the ceiling. Adding a bit of verticality to your plant decorating creates layers in your design, which complement the entire room.


If your headboard allows for this, try using it as another place for houseplants. This will freshen up the space and have you wondering why you never thought of it before.

Wall Garden

With the ceiling and the floors covered, why not start a garden in your wall? This might sound crazy, but you can do it. With a step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a vertical succulent garden.

With all of these creative ways to display your indoor plants, you can make your home into the jungle you’ve always dreamed of. Get gardening and get inventive!

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