Common X-Linked Disorders to Know
Common X-Linked Disorders to Know

We inherit our genes from our biological parents. X-link recessive inheritance occurs when a trait or disorder is located on the X chromosome. Because females have two X chromosomes, these disorders can only exist if the trait is expressed on both chromosomes. Males, on the other hand, only need to express the trait on their singular X chromosome. This means men are more likely to experience common X-linked disorders than women. However, it does not mean these disorders are a non-issue for women.

Even if she does not express the traits, a woman can still be a carrier, passing the gene onto her sons, who will be more susceptible to the disorder. Here are a few common X-linked disorders to know in case you may be a carrier.   

Red-green colorblindness  

Red-green colorblindness is the most common form of colorblindness. The genes for this trait are located on the X chromosome and make it difficult to see red and green shades or colors. While this is not a serious disorder, it can still impact daily life, and though there is no cure, color corrective glasses can help those with this disorder see in full color.   

Hemophilia A  

Hemophilia A is a blood disorder in which the blood cannot clot properly. This disorder is extremely dangerous, as even the smallest cut will be difficult to stop from bleeding. Internal bleeding and bruising are also common symptoms of hemophilia A. The disorder is caused by a deficiency in Factor VIII, which is known for clotting. Thankfully, doctors can treat hemophilia A through an infusion of Factor VIII.   

Red-green colorblindness and hemophilia A are the most common X-linked disorders to know. While there is no treatment for color-blindness, it is not a life-threatening disorder, and you can reduce its effects with color corrective glasses. Hemophilia A is a dangerous disorder, but it can be treated to keep those living with it safe.

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