Best Ways To Cleanse and Purify Your Crystals

Many people use crystals to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. Most carry their crystals in their purse or bag to ensure positivity follows them.

However, each place you expose your crystals to brings different energies. Let’s explore the best ways to cleanse and purify your crystals so you can continue being the best you can be.

Allow Rain To Cleanse Them

Water is naturally cleansing, meaning it can help you cleanse your gemstones’ energies. Try placing them outside on a rainy day or even running them under a faucet. Do this for one minute per stone. However, don’t do this for crystals like halite, selenite, and kyanite.

Use Sound Healing

You might consider purifying your crystals with the power of sound like singing bowls, a tuning fork, or perhaps another instrument that may create calming music.

This method can be beneficial when cleansing multiple crystals rather than individual crystals.


Visualization is an incredibly helpful tactic in any situation because our mind is powerful enough to cleanse stones and help us center our energy around them.

Try holding the crystal in your hand and take about a minute per stone to visualize the gem glowing bright with positive energy, allowing any negativities to flush out. You may also use breathwork to help you focus your intentions on healing the crystal.

Place Them in Sunlight

Similar to water, sunlight can be an excellent natural resource to restore your crystal’s positive energy. Try placing your crystals under the sunlight for approximately one minute and allow the sun’s rays to cleanse and purify the stone’s energy.

Sunlight can be an excellent method if you choose to place geode décor in your home, as you can put them in a sunny area to ensure they always pour positive energy into your home.

The above best ways to cleanse and purify your crystals can help ensure your crystals are always ready to heal your mind, body, and soul.

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