Benefits of Meditation for Kids

benefits of meditation for kids

With all of the pressure that kids are under now they can get great benefits from a simple meditation practice. Kids schedules are crammed with school work, homework, sports and tons of other extracurricular activities. Add technology to the mix and it’s no wonder kids are so overwhelmed and stressed. Giving kids a meditation practice can help bring balance and calm to a crazy life. 

When should kids start meditating?

I have meditated with children as young as 3 years old. It’s amazing to see the change in young children. I’ve watched children come into my meditation classroom as little wiggle worms who were literally bouncing off the walls. After a very short meditation session these little wiggle worms were calm and carried on an amazing conversation. 

What are the benefits of meditation for kids?

Emotion Regulation

My daughter’s 6th grade teacher taught mindfulness to his students. He told us that he has noticed a huge difference in the emotional regulation of his students thanks to mindfulness. These kids went from being hormonal and raging, to coming to him and calmly talking to him when they felt a conflict coming on. It almost brought him to tears to talk about the success stories. 

Enhanced Focus

There have been scientific studies that have shown improved focus in children with ADHD with the help of meditation twice a week at home. Children without ADHD are more prone to ADHD like behavior because of technology. They are constantly surfing from one app to the next. Sometimes watching a video or listening to music while playing a game. It’s no wonder kids have a hard time focusing. A regular meditation practice teaches kids that they can focus on one task at a time and be very successful at that one task. 

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

In a world full of responsibilities it is important to slow down and give our minds some time to rest. Meditation gives our minds and bodies time to rest and recover. The rest and recovery allows the stress and anxiety to fade away even if just a little. 

Better Sleep

The best time for my family to find time to meditate is right before bedtime. It allows us to let go of the things that we have been holding onto throughout the day. If you and your kids find yourself getting distracted during your nighttime meditation with thoughts from the day, write out a to do list or a reflection list before you meditate. This will allow you to leave your thoughts on paper so that you can relax and unwind. Your meditation practice will help you sleep so much better. You might even find yourself dozing off during your meditation. And that is totally ok. 

What kind of meditation should you try with your kids? 

There are lots of different types of meditation you can try. One of the easiest meditations to start with might be mindfulness. If you are having a hard time sitting in silence you can try a simple guided meditation with your kids. Or if you feel comfortable doing so you can guide your child into meditation. The best thing you can do is experiment until you find the type of meditation that works best for your child. You will know it when you find it. 

Wishing you peace and wellness. 

19 thoughts on “Benefits of Meditation for Kids”

  1. KristieFeliceTV – United States – Kristie YouTube content creator with a focus on single motherhood, lifestlye, budgeting and balance.

    I would love to try this with my kids. Especially before bed and school to help reduce any stress from the day or before starting the day.

  2. Flossie – USA – Mama of two who blogs about this crazy journey called parenthood at - parenting tips, tricks, and hacks to help you save time, save money, and preserve your sanity, mostly based on things I've had to learn the hard way :)

    YES! I do the deep-breathing exercise on my Fitbit at least once a day, and will often do it with my girls as well when they’re having a hard time settling down for bed. It REALLY helps them to unwind. And I LOVE the idea of that sixth grade teacher doing it with his 11-12 year olds to help them better handle themselves and regulate their emotions/hormones!

  3. How amazing is it that something so simple can have so many awesome benefits?! I would love to get into meditation as an adult, and I think that trying to teach children is such a great idea.

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    recently i have stated meditation by chanting with my beads and it really calmed me

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