back to school

back to school

Do you have an athlete, an artist, a writer, all around princess or maybe one of each in your family? Then odds are finding those extra special school supplies to start the school year off right may take a little bit longer than usual.

Sometimes, though, if you hit the right place, you luck out and find everything your kids could need or want for back to school. Whether it be scented markers, tools to use to color and draw, or crazy bright highlighters. When shopping around, keep these back to school finds every girl will love in mind from OOLY’s back to school collection:

Grl Pwr Scented Mini Pastel Gel Pens

No matter what their tastes, Grl Pwr Scented Mini Pastel Gel Pens are sure to attract your girl’s attention. Gel pens are an incredibly popular back to school item because of their smoothness and almost limitless color options.

These mini gel pens fit neatly in a backpack or pencil bag, come in six over the top pastel colors, and have fruity scents for a little extra fun!

Pocket Pal Journals

pocket pals

When a girl only has time for a quick note or doodle, a Pocket Pal Journal – Grl Pwr will serve her well. These nifty notebooks will fit in your daughter’s pocket or easily in her backpack front pocket. It is ready for her when she needs to jot down a quick assignment, make a hasty note, or has a little time to doodle and daydream.

They can be stored right next to her set of mini pastel gel pens. If she needs to make a note in a flash she can grab both notebook and pen quickly, and tuck them back away in her pocket before her next class.

Pocket Pal Journals come in a set of 8, so your girl will not run out of writing room anytime soon.

Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils

Of course pencils are an essential back to school item, and mechanical pencils are a plus since they never need to be sharpened. But, if you’re going to buy some for your daughter, you may want to take a look at some pretty Oh My Ombre! Mechanical Pencils.

They are basic mechanical pencils – yes, but they are wrapped in the prettiest of wrapping. The barrel features a colorful ombre effect to help keep your daughter’s imagination flowing during her next school project.

Sweet Things Clickit Erasers

One of the first things any student runs out of in the course of the school year is an eraser. Sweet Things Clickit Erasers are a colorful, punchy way to erase quick mistakes all year long.

Choose from four different fun, appetite inducing patterns: donuts, cupcakes, macarons, and popsicles. Just click the reaser when you need more erasing power.

Do-Overs Erasable Highlighters

This is a must have for any girl who works hard taking notes. Highlighters help keep notes organized, but usually there’s no way to fix an incorrectly highlighted line when your student makes a mistake. Do-Overs Erasable Highlighters solves this problem by actually allowing you to erase wrong highlights, and start again. These highlighters actually do give you a do-over.

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