If you’re expecting your first child or simply planning ahead for parenthood, there’s no doubt that you’ll need plenty of supplies to care for your kid. The selection and variety of baby gear is virtually limitless, with dozens of brands and stores to choose from. In general, there’s something for every budget, but how do you know which items are really worth the splurge? Before you build your registry or start shopping, consider which items are worth the investment, and which may be best to buy on the cheap.

When High-Quality Versions Are Worth the Price

Some items just need to be able to stand up to a lot of wear and tear. When you choose to invest in a higher quality for certain products, you’ll likely get your money’s worth in longevity and re-use.


Your baby stroller will likely see a lot of miles over the years. While there are inexpensive options that can definitely get the job done, an increase in price typically comes with benefits that outweigh the cost. Better handling and maneuverability, more storage, and versatile seating arrangements can make higher quality models a good choice. If you’re planning on having more than one child, a double stroller may be worth considering.

High Chairs

Feeding your baby is going to take up a major portion of your day. This is still true when babies move from an all-milk diet to solid food. Choose a high chair that can stand up to hundreds of cleanings while still keeping baby well-supported and comfortable. For versatility, consider a chair that converts into a booster.


Many new parents may think that cheaper clothes are the best option when it comes to dressing young children. However, these items need to withstand multiple washes and hours of play without irritating your child’s sensitive skin. Poorly-made clothes are more susceptible to popped seams, stretched out hems and holes in the knees. The great news is, high-quality clothes don’t always have to come with a higher price tag. Search for sales on websites like Matisaurus.com to get deals on kids’ clothing that’s made to last.

Where to Save Money When Stocking Up for Baby

When it comes to some products, you’re going to need to replace them over time regardless of the price or quality. In these situations, it may be best to go the inexpensive route.

Changing Pad Covers and Liners

To protect against serious stains and messes, covering your changing table or pad can help keep things under control during diaper duty. These items will be used often, and while machine washing can help with most stains, others may be more difficult to get out over time. Excessive washing can also wear out the fabric. Go for the cheaper options since replacements will likely be necessary.

Nursery Furniture

While you may be tempted to purchase top-of-the-line designer pieces for your nursery, keep in mind that kids are tough on furniture. Even with certain protective covers, most babies eventually find a way to chew on crib bars and railings. Dressers and changing tables can also take a lot of abuse from young children, experiencing scuffs, scratches and even some unwanted artwork. Choose budget-friendly options when your children are small. Then, upgrade to quality pieces when they’re old enough to take care of their things.

Bibs and Burp Cloths

No matter what stage they’re in, most kids are pretty messy eaters. In addition, some forms of baby food are especially notorious for causing permanent stains. Even non-cloth bibs can stain and often wear out due to constant tugging, pulling and chewing. When buying bibs, find a cute style that you love but at a price that won’t break your heart when it’s best to toss them out. The same principle can also apply to burp cloths.

When shopping for your child, be sure to keep in mind what you may be sacrificing when you browse different options. Investing in high-quality products can mean several uses through multiple children. They can also make for excellent consignment options once your kids outgrow them. On the contrary, some products won’t last the entire time they’re needed, so inexpensive choices will be easier to replace. Shop wisely and plan ahead so you can get the most for your money in both scenarios.

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