adventure bound
adventure bound

We may have just found the kids favorite campground, Adventure Bound Campground in Gatlinburg. Our weekend at Adventure Bound was filled with lots of swimming, 100’s of times going down the alpine slide, hanging out with friends and making new friends and playing in the rain. This place was packed with things for the kids to do! So much so that the kids practically ran the campground. 

adventure bound

Adventure Bound is located on the outskirts of Gatlinburg close to Cosby. While it is technically in Gatlinburg, it is away from the hustle and bustle tourism of downtown Gatlinburg. And no matter what kind of camper you are Adventure Bound has a spot for you. They have cabins to rent, rvs to rent, rv camping spots and tent camping spots. 

adventure bound cabins
adventure bound rv rental
adventure bound

With that being said, not all camping spots are the best. We lucked out and had a pretty good camping spot at 115. It was across from the playground and bathrooms and had full hookups. If you want to be a little further away and a little more secluded I would pick a spot in the 170’s or 190’s. These spots are away from the road and further back into the campground so you won’t have people driving past your site a lot. Not to mention the bathrooms are a little nicer back there. 

adventure bound creekside camping

Now let’s talk about the fun stuff, the amenities. My kids favorite amenity hands down was the alpine slide. They climbed the stairs and went down that slide at least 100 times. No joke. This slide was a hit. I went down it a few times myself (and you won’t see a video of me going down). Personally the slide terrified me. I felt like I was going to go sailing over the edge. My son laughed and laughed at me as we went down together. The slide is perfect for kids, adults, not so much. 

alpine slide

There is also a fairly large pool close to the slide. The water in the pool is mountain cold and perfect on hot summer day. But I’ve got to say the water was a little too cold for me. I opted to watch the kids play and shiver. When my sons says the water is cold I KNOW the water must be cold. 

fishing pond

Some other activities my kids enjoyed were hanging out by the fishing pond, going up to the rec center to play video games and non-stop bike riding. I love how I felt safe letting the kids ride their bikes around. Even with the campground being busy, drivers were super cautious. 

We look forward to future trips up to Adventure Bound Campground. Maybe next time we’ll plan ahead and get some other families to join us!

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  1. Sounds and looks like a great campground indeed! How nice they have a good assortment of site types, too!

  2. I am not a giant fan of camping but I feel like I could go here and camp for sure! haha looks so fun!

    1. I’m 27 and I still love slides the most haha. Hope you all have a great time when you head back out 🙂

  3. Makes me want to go camping anytime soooon!

  4. Camping is always been on my list. This looks so much fun. I would love love to do this soon 😊

  5. I cannot wait to go camping! Looks like a great spot ! thanks for sharing this, very useful !
    – The Handy Journal-

  6. I love camping! Love chillen at the cabins. I’m going to make a note of this place if I ever travel that way.

  7. I have actually never been camping. This camp ground looks amazing, especially that it’s not just a beautiful spot but it also offers great amenities to its guests, such as the alpine slide.

  8. I always want to go for camping and this looks great Thanks for sharing!!

  9. I’m not too far from Gatlinburg but I have never stopped and visited, unfortunately. I love camping and this place looks like a lot of fun.

  10. This looks so cool. I’ve never been camping. Hope to be able to do it someday.

  11. This looks like a great place to camp and have fun! Thanks for sharing!

  12. This campsite looks awesome! I think the waterslide is such a nice perk that makes it stand out.

  13. Always wanted to try this .Looks like a fun place to try it.

  14. Cool adventures! I wanna try that slide too hey!

  15. This looks like a fun place to go with the family. Sounds like you guys had a blast. What a cool alpine slide!

  16. This looks like a cute little camping grounds with great camping spots. I bet there are activities for all ages!

  17. Never went camping with my fam. Sounds like a very good idea for Bondingll

  18. I would love this. Unfortunately my wife considers the Marriott to be roughing it 😢 So, there won’t be any camping 🏕 for me any time soon.

  19. What an amazingly family friendly camp ground. I’ve never seen one have so many fun activities that kids could enjoy.

  20. I have never been there, but I love camping with RV! Thanks!

  21. Camping is my favorite adventure this place looks relaxing and wonderful perfect for family hangout! Awesome photos!

  22. Wow! Happy to know that this places offers a lot of amenities and acitivies. I bet my kids would also enjoy the alpine slide. They were able to try one in California and they had a blast. We would love to visit this campground in the future. Bookmarking this post for future reference.

  23. I plan to take my daughter camping someday.

  24. Your post reminds me that we haven’t gone camping this summer and we should go before fall starts.

  25. Oh my goodness, this place looks amazing!!! We have been wanting to take our three girls for some time now!!

  26. I am not a big camper. Ok I don’t like camping at all but this lace looks like it has lots to do for kids!!! Lots of fun outdoor fun!

  27. With all of the camp grounds in my area closed for awhile, this post made me appreciate how much I love camping. This camp site looks and sounds awesome. Thanks for the post.

  28. miss camping days in high school, thanks for sharing

  29. We’ve never been camping and have always wanted to take the kids! We also live Gatlinburg so this has been added to our bucket list!

  30. This does sound like a very family friendly campground. I love the waterslide so fun!

  31. Wow, you have discussed good point, I really like to read your blog.

  32. I have never seen waterslides at any camp ground I’ve been too (but I have only been to a few). Very cool!

  33. I love camping and your post reminded me of happy days.

  34. Oh man this looks like so much fun! I hope to get a pop up soon and once we do, I want to find all of these little hidden gym campgrounds to visit

  35. Seems like a fun place for family activities. Would really love to be here.

  36. I want to go camping soon. Miss being outdoors.

  37. This looks amazing! We’ve never been here specifically, but Gatlinburg is my fave Thanksgiving getaway. <3

  38. This looks like such a great place to go with family. Camping is always so much fun

  39. This campsite looks great! I think the water slide is so good that it stands out from others.

  40. That looks like a great place to camp. The scenery is so relaxing and perfect for a outdoor activities.

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