Accessories Your New Driver Needs

It’s only natural for you to feel nervous when your teen gets behind the wheel. The moment they finally receive their license can be just as nerve-wracking for you as it is for them. Rather than worry, look for ways to celebrate this grand achievement. For ideas on how to do this, be sure to check out the accessories your new driver needs, which you can find below.

Electronic Accessories

These are the accessories that will make the driving experience more enjoyable and ultimately safer. For example, if your child has an older car, you should consider purchasing an aux cord for them. This will limit the time they spend fumbling with the stereo buttons looking for something to listen to. Encourage them to prepare playlists beforehand so they can limit distractions and maintain both hands on the wheel.

Another accessory to keep your teen’s hands-free from distractions is a cellphone dock. These are the ultimate tool to ensure your teen’s hands remain on the wheel at all times. Your teen will also be able to keep things such as GPS access at eye level, providing them a safer drive overall.

The last must-need electronic accessory for your teen is a USB charger. You want to ensure your teen is always able to stay in communication with you should an emergency arise. You can’t count on your teen to remember to bring their charger in and out of their car when traveling. Instead, gift them with a charger that will remain in the vehicle should their cellphone suddenly lose battery.

Maintenance Accessories

Now that we have discussed a few electronic options, we can talk about the accessories that will help your teen keep their car clean. The first on our list is car seat covers. If your teen is going to be driving to and from school, chances are that they’re going to be doing a lot of munching in their car. Things such as spills and stains can quickly ruin their first car. Give them the gift of reliable seat covers. For example, leatherlite seat covers are a great option. They are water-resistant and fight off damage from the sun’s UV rays.

Another idea is to gift your child with different car deodorants that they can test out to find their favorite scents. This will teach your teen the importance of keeping their car fresh and clean.

The last suggestion for a useful maintenance accessory is an air compressor. This tool can be extremely helpful for the moment where your teen first receives a tire pressure warning. Be sure to educate your teen on how to use this device and give them the appropriate tools to measure their tire pressure, such as a pencil gauge.

Emergency Accessories

The accessories mentioned thus far are great for bringing convenience to your teen driver. The accessories mentioned in this section, however, are imperative for emergencies. The first thing you want to be sure your teen has is jumper cables. For the days they may accidentally leave their headlights on, you want to be sure they have what they need to get back on the road.

The next emergency accessory you’ll want them to have is a set item. This includes a tripod jack, a spare tire, and a wheel wrench. This trio will be there for your teen in the worst moments. Be sure to educate your teen on how to replace a flat tire before they go on any long-distance trips.

These are just a few ideas for accessories your new driver needs, but the most valuable thing you can gift your teen is the knowledge they need to operate these items. Be sure their driving education course includes more than just how to handle and operate a vehicle. These accessories will be of no use if your teen isn’t prepared for how to use them.


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  1. Modern life is more distracting than ever before, so we need to teach our kids basic driving safety and how to practice it constantly. Amazing post!

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