A Few Things They Didn’t Tell You About Being Pregnant

If you have recently found out you are expecting, then first of all congratulations. Second of all, there are some things about being pregnant and giving birth that you may be dreading. The whole thing can be the best experience of your life while also being the worst thing you have been through. If you want to prepare yourself then read all the books, check out all the websites, and take a look below for what they don’t tell you about being pregnant. 

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The Headaches 

One of the major things you can find yourself struggling with is headaches. These can come and go throughout the day or stick with you for the whole day. You will be aware of the hormone changes currently coursing through your body. The headaches may be due to this, however, something else that can cause headaches is dehydration. This can be common in pregnancy as you don’t want to necessarily eat or drink anything throughout the day. It is vital you keep on top of your water intake, up to eight glasses a day. 

That Gel Is Freezing

So when you head for an ultrasound to see your little bundle of joy on the screen, they will tell you the gel is slightly cold. On your already sensitive tummy area, it will feel like someone is pouring ice cubes onto your belly. It can be really cold, if you are having a winter baby then it can feel even colder. If you opt for private healthcare then you can choose which private ultrasound clinic to attend, unfortunately, this doesn’t mean the gel will become any warmer. 

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is the biggest myth about pregnancy. The name can really throw people off, especially if they aren’t aware that it can also bother you in the afternoon and evening. It is far more common for people to just have sickness in the mornings, this is where the phrase came from. However, for the unfortunate few, it can last for months on end and all day. If you are struggling to hold anything down and continue to be sick then it is worthwhile speaking to your doctor or midwife as they may be able to help you. 

The Niggles

You may be aware of some aches and pains while you are pregnant, these are unavoidable. However, there can be some that can take your breath away when you move. Two main examples of these pains include pelvic girdle pain and round ligament pain. These can cause debilitating pain that could put you out of action while you rest. There are things you can do to ease these pains, there are belly and back supports you can wear to take the strain off your growing body. 

The After Effects

Finally, your beautiful bundle is born and you think it’s all over. Well, technically it is, however, there are some after-effects to be aware of. It can be incredibly painful to visit the toilet after you have had a baby. If you give birth in a hospital they will make sure that you can go to the toilet before they let you go.

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