Headaches. Whether they are in clusters, are chronic or migraine level, headaches suck and there’s no other explanation for it. Understanding the things that trigger your headaches is important, as the more you understand them, the better you can help yourself when one comes on. Headaches can happen for a variety of reasons, and once you identify those reasons, you can avoid them entirely.

If headaches are happening frequently or the headaches you have become “used” to have gotten worse, you really need to talk to your neurologist and get further tests done. In the meantime, you can work on figuring out the triggers for your specific headaches and start fixing them so that you feel better. Let’s take a look at eight common headache triggers below.

Ethnic female student in casual wear sitting at table with laptop and notebook and grimacing from migraine while doing homework during distance learning

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  1. Lack Of Relaxation. When you are stressed from work, are you making time to unwind? To sleep? You need to be able to relax after a stressful week. If you don’t relax, you can’t possibly expect anything less of a headache. Your blood pressure going up and your tension in your muscles can be stressful and that causes headaches that you want to avoid.
  2. You’re Angry. When you are holding onto anger, the tension in your scalp and neck is increased and it makes it feel like there is a vice around your head. This is a tension headache and it’s these headaches you want to avoid the most. Tension headaches can be worked out with ways to control your anger and massage in the shoulders.
  3. Your Carriage. You may think that you’re sitting up straight and walking properly, but it’s more than likely poor posture that contributes to a headache. Tension in your upper back and shoulders lead to a headache and the pain is often in the base of the skull and forehead. Stretch while sitting, move around and keep your shoulders back.
  4. Certain Smells. Are you wearing the same perfume every day? What about the soaps and cleaners you use? There is every chance that breathing in those fumes is causing headaches and you can try fragrance-free everything to tell and eliminate the causes of those headaches you’re coping with.
  5. The Weather. Believe it or not, the weather could be contributing to your pain. Humidity levels when high can bring on pressure changes that lead to headaches and pressure around the sinuses. The pressure in the air triggers the chemicals in the brain to change, irritating the nerves and more.
  6. Clenched Teeth. If you’re grinding your teeth in tension and stress, you can cause a dull headache – not the nicest of feelings! You can wear a mouthguard through the night to prevent wear on the teeth and you will reduce the headaches you are feeling everyday, too.
  7. Bright Lights. Office lights can trigger headaches, especially if they’re poorly installed and flickering. Sunglasses can help bright natural light and you can change the bulb for the office, too.
  8. Food. Certain foods can trigger bad headaches but this is very individual. Some people find themselves sensitive to sugar, others to protein. It’s trial and error!

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