Women of every shape and size can benefit from the addition of a few tunics to their wardrobes. Tunics are easy to wear and very versatile. They are a little longer than a blouse and a little more format than a T-shirt. Tunics can be worn with jeans, dress pants, or leggings. Tunics are available in a wide range of styles, patterns, and cuts with short to long sleeves. Tunics come with several different kneck cuts and hemline details.

Can AnyBody Type Wear A Tunic?

Almost everyone can look good in a tunic top if the correct cut and fit are chosen. There are 6 body shapes to consider when choosing the cut and style of the tunic to add to a person’s wardrobe. They include:

Hourglass. The hourglass figure is curvy on top and on the bottom with a well-defined smaller waste. Women with hourglass figures want to show off that slender waist. A loose belted style might be nice. Or choose a tunic that is fitted to the waist and then flairs over the but. don’t wear a tunic that is too loose or too tight around the but area.

Pear. A person with a pear shape is wider on the bottom. Wearing a tunic over flare or skinny leg style jeans. This creates a longer line. The jeans should have larger back pockets. Choose tunics that are fitted on top and loose to minimize a larger but. Special necklines that plunge or are embellished will draw attention away from the hips. Also, interesting sleeves might be in order. Don’t choose bright colors or prints for the bottom half of a tunic. Wearing the tunic top with long leggings is a nice look, also.

Apple or round women are wider in the stomach area. The best tunic style will have an A-line or empire style cut. Tunics with flowy lines or tiered tops will look nice. A tunic that is fitted to just below the bust and then flairs out will work well. V-necks work well, also. Choose interesting detailed necklines and hems. Loose belts might also be a good look if chosen carefully. Longer tunics worn over skinny jeans with nice boots can be a good look. Prints can help give a longer leaner look.i

Banana or rectangle shapes have weight distributed evenly throughout the body. The body tends to be less curvy and more athletic. Tunic tops with ruffles, volume, and other design features to add the look of curves are good choices. Puff sleeves, wrap styles, styles with pockets on the chest and deep V-necks are all features to try. Necklines with ties or peplums are worth considering.

Strawberry or inverted triangle ladies are bigger on top. They may have wider shoulders and big breasts with more slender hips and but. The trick here is to minimize the shoulder and breast size and present a more balanced look. It might be better to avoid ribbing in knits. Off the shoulder or one shoulder tops are flattering also. V-necks or scoop necklines might be a good look, also. Empire waistlines can work well for some strawberry shape ladies. The looseness below the breast evens out the figure’s appearance.

Tall and Petite Challenges

Very tall or very petite women may have any of the above body types and also have the height issue to deal with. Petite women want to elongate their look with vertical lines, cropped styles, and fitted tunics and other tops. Don’t go for too loose or oversized tunics. Tailored or A-line looks are always good. Smaller, more petite women must choose clothing that does not overwhelm them. Choose colors and patterns bright enough to add stature but not so bright they will overwhelm.

Very tall women can show off those shapely long legs while defining their waists and other attributes. Bright colors, big patterns and dramatic cuts in tunics will work for tall girls. Then large accessorize such as totes, handbags, necklaces, and so on look great. Consider using belts to cut the vertical line and make the legs look longer.

Trial and Error Leads to Victory

No matter what shape, height, or weight a woman may be, dressing attractively is important. The right style tunic paired with the correct jean, dress slack or legging style can correct apparent proportions and add to an attractive appearance. But there is no one right formula for every woman. Some women look their best when they break a few fashion rules. Trial and error is the best way to victory in the fashion battle. Always try purchases on in front of a full-length mirror before purchasing or deciding to keep them.

Don’t be afraid to admit a clothing choice mistake and remove it from your wardrobe. Don’t wear clothing that is not comfortable, no matter how good it looks. There are plenty of clothing choices that both look good and feel good to wear. Once the clothing in your wardrobe is purchased, take good care of it. Read care labels before purchase to make sure you are willing to follow them. For instance, if a label says dry clean only, clothing will not do well if washed at home. Some fibers have more care limitations than others. Wool and silk may require special treatment. Remember, the correct size is everything. Clothing that is too tight or too loose is not going to look well.

One company that has a large variety of tunics for every body type and size is Fillyflair.com. This and other quality clothing suppliers have tunic style tops that fit almost any person choosing to go with this style top. Most importantly, purchase clothing that makes you feel good and look good. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident. Pay attention to quality and cut. Make sure to purchase the correct size. Purchase the pattern or color tunic that will be able to be worn with several things already in the wardrobe. Careful choices of tunics make them more wearable and more attractive to wear.

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