They say that prevention is better than cure, yet occasionally prevention just does not work in the way you want. Sometimes, no matter what you do, colds, flu, and other nasty little germs will strike, and it won’t make a difference how many vitamins you take or how much fruit and vegetables you eat, you won’t always be able to stave them off. It’s unavoidable that you will get unwell at some time. When this occurs, it’s critical to understand how to care for yourself so that you can recover as fast as possible.

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Follow The Doctor’s Advice

If you determine you’re unwell enough to see your doctor, make sure you follow their instructions when you arrive. There’s no sense in wasting their and your time if you’re not going to follow the doctor’s advice. After all, they know what will be best for you; they’re the experts, and it’s why you went to see them in the first place. Whether you need to rest up, take medication with a prescription fulfilled by Benecard PBF, get some fresh air, or anything else.

Keep A Tidy House

It may not seem like cleaning should be at the top of your priority list while you’re ill, and that’s usually true, but if you feel well enough to move around, cleaning up might give you the motivation you need to do so. Although resting is good – particularly if the doctor tells you to do it – it’s not so good to stay in bed once the healing has begun. At this point, it’s better to get up and do something. Cleaning, even if it’s just tidying up the old tissues and food wrappers you’ve left behind, can be a good start. Plus, a clean home is a healthier one anyway, so you might find you recover more quickly. 

Don’t Make Other People Sick

Even if you are ill, the rest of your family doesn’t have to suffer. Keep anti-bacterial wipes on hand to clean doorknobs and the TV remote, for example. Anything that someone else will touch after you’ve used it will need a fast wash down to make it more difficult for them to catch whatever you have. If you possibly can, just stay away from your friends and family so they don’t run the risk of becoming unwell just like you. 

Don’t Feel Guilty 

Don’t feel bad if you’ve had to cancel plans or reschedule meetings, or if you can’t make it to your child’s piano recital or any of the other countless activities that humans sign themselves up for. You didn’t plan to become ill, but you want to get well as soon as possible, even if it means you can’t do some things. Allow the guilt to wash over you and discard it since it will just make you more stressed and make you feel worse than you already do.

Take Care Of Yourself

Why not reward yourself after you’ve stopped feeling guilty and realized you need to stop worrying about things? It’s unusual for us to be ill and even more uncommon for us to be able to cancel everything we had planned for a few days, so make the most of it. Take that lengthy soak in a bubbly bath that you usually don’t have time for. Binge-watch a Netflix box set. Read a book that has been sitting on your nightstand for months – whatever it is, enjoy it. Just don’t go overboard and make yourself even sicker.

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