5 Ways Technology Can Be Dangerous

Today’s world is full of technology. It drastically shapes our everyday lives, making some things infinitely easier. Unfortunately, technology isn’t always as helpful as it intends. Let’s break down five ways technology can be dangerous.

It Hurts Our Social Skills

Technology allows us to communicate constantly with others, but virtual communication does not have the same benefits as face-to-face interactions. Communicating via technology creates a barrier between you and the other party that can make adjusting to real-life conversations difficult. Without understanding social cues like body language, tone, and direct wording, maintaining friendships offline becomes difficult and may lead to feelings of isolation and depression.

Watch Your Mental Health

In addition to social difficulties that fuel depressive episodes, many other aspects of technology can create a decline in mental health. For example, the glow of a computer or cell phone interferes with the sleep chemical melatonin. A lack of sleep can severely impact our mental state. Other elements of technology that drain our mental health include addictions to smartphones and devices, chronic stress from constant notifications, and social media comparisons.

It Hurts Your Physical Health, Too

Obesity is a significant concern associated with technology. The more time we spend sitting on our laptops, watching TV, playing hours of video games, or binge-watching the latest series, the less time we spend being active. Sitting stagnant for long periods also results in less blood circulation, leading to more aches and pains. Continuously pushing buttons on devices or playing too many games can also cause tendonitis or carpal tunnel.

Your Privacy Is at Risk

When you share your information with technology providers, such as music subscriptions or social media platforms, you risk your privacy in more ways than one. Not only does it put you at risk of oversharing personal information with strangers online, but it also leaves you susceptible to hacking. As the plethora of technological devices and services rises, the risk of a hacker stealing your information does as well.

Disrupting Your Presence

Truly living in the moment is hard when there are distractions everywhere. From building relationships to staying on task at work, technology can cause us to disconnect from whatever we’re doing in the present moment. Not only does this put extra strain on our everyday lives, but it can also become dangerous. For example, the presence of technology like GPS systems, radios, and smartphones in our cars leads to distracted driving, which can put us in grave danger.

Technology is a double-edged sword, with great benefits and drawbacks. These five ways technology can be dangerous are some of the biggest drawbacks. To live a happier, more balanced life, spend some time unplugged and away from technology. Your overall health will thank you.


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