Autumn is arguably the best time of the year to go backpacking. You’re able to enjoy beautiful burnt orange scenery, crisp and cool air in your lungs, and the sound of crunchy leaves beneath your feet. Now that autumn has well and truly set in, you may be thinking of spending a day or two out in the wilderness before winter arrives. Whether you’re going alone or plan on taking your family, here are a few things that every backpacker needs for a successful hike.

Comfortable boots and socks

Any backpacker will tell you that you’re on your feet all day, so comfortable walking boots and thick socks are necessary. You’ll want to look for boots with plenty of grips, thick tread, and, most importantly, are waterproof. Many hikers also recommend taking spare pairs of socks too!

A reliable GPS method

An exciting part of backpacking is exploring new areas and taking it all in. However, finding yourself lost in an unfamiliar area can also be quite distressing! Be sure to pack a reliable GPS such as a detailed map or your smartphone. If you decide to use your smartphone as your GPS method, be sure to purchase a sturdy phone case in case you accidentally drop it! Another tip from well-seasoned hikers is to find a decent power bank to ensure your phone never runs out of battery! Look for power banks that can charge your devices multiple times, so you’re always charged.

Lots of water!

If you’re planning on backpacking for longer periods, you’ll need to think about where you’re going to source water to stay hydrated. Some hiking trails have stations where you can take a drink or fill up your water bottle, but it’s best to come prepared. Why not research some hydration systems that can fit into your backpack for easy and convenient water breaks? Which also brings us to the next backpacking essential…

A large backpack

Whether you’re backpacking for two days or a month, you’ll need to think of everything from spare clothing, food, tent, water, means of staying warm, etc. Take some time to research what kind of backpack you’ll need for your trip, and be sure to consider everything. Remember to think about comfort when choosing your backpack. After all, you’re going to be carrying it around all day!


These days there is no shortage of hiking equipment on the market. There are brands offering jackets, tents and backpacks, all uniquely designed for the hiking experience. The trouble is they are often overpriced and not what you expect in terms of overall quality. Where possible, supplement your gear with leather items. Leather is robust and won’t let you down; you also get what you pay for. Excellent leather products for any purpose can be found at, where leather meets art.

A decent camera

Today’s society sees many people living their life through pictures and videos. While you should most definitely take in the scenery around you and experience life as it comes, there’s nothing wrong with taking a picture or two of your backpacking journey to show off to your family and friends! If you don’t have a decent camera on your smartphone, you could invest in a waterproof camera to take with you on all of your backpacking adventures!

Finally, even if you’ve been backpacking before, it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry. Equip yourself with a well-stocked first aid kit in case of any unforeseen accidents!

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1 Comment

  1. I’d like to add one item to the list:

    A lock!

    Often you’ll need to store your backpack in a locker (perhaps in a train station or hostel)—it’s nice to have your own lock handy if need be.

    There are some that work with a mesh netting to surround your back and then lock the whole system to a sturdy pole. No locker required. Neat idea.

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