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Growing old quite often turns out to be a scary subject for most people. The fear usually is rooted in preconceived ideas of wrinkled skin, sagging bodies, hearing loss, losing teeth, and a general apprehension for weakness. What many fail to realize is that aging is a blessing and an opportunity to witness first-hand, change in the world. This article would show you how to age gracefully without having to fear the transformation.

  1. Get a daily fix of folates

Folic acid or folates is a type of vitamin B crucially needed in the body. It helps the body prevent changes to DNA which could lead to cancer. One primary function of this vitamin is its ability to maintain and produce new cells in the body. If you love lentils, oranges, broccoli, and spinach, you are packing up on a healthy dose of folic acid. It can also be found in whole wheat foods, liver, asparagus, dried beans, and Brussel sprouts. Sometimes, it just may be impossible to meet the daily requirements of this crucial vitamin. At this point, visit your local pharmacy to dispense a required daily dosage depending on your age. In older people, it has been proven that Folate deficiency could lead to dementia. This is because, at all ages, Folic Acid is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

  1. Use sunscreen to protect your skin

The sun is a great provider of vitamin D, but an excess of it could be damaging to the skin. Harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun could lead to skin cancer. As people get older, collagen, which is a skin binding fiber, tends to degenerate. The deterioration process picks up even more speed when you are regularly exposed to the sun without protection. This is why sunscreen moisturizers are vital not only in the aging group but across all generations. On a hot day, apply a generous amount of sunscreen on your skin, wear a hat and sunglasses before stepping out. In many cases, people forget to focus on the hands in their moisturizing routines. The face is usually where most concentration is but your hands could be a dead giveaway of the aging process. So, moisturize your hands regularly to improve smoothness and skin elasticity. Hand creams with retinoids are widely used.

  1. Exercise regularly and maintain good posture

The benefits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. With aging, comes chronic pain and the need to alleviate it. Exercising by itself assists the body to release endorphins (also known as the “feel-good” hormones). Endorphins enhance energy levels and your mood in general. The older you get, the more muscle is lost due to degeneration, but this can be remedied. Guided resistance exercises (especially for the aged) can help increase muscle mass and strength. However, staying active does not mean visiting the gym daily. Taking the stairs, brisk walking, playing with grandchildren or pets are great ways to keep in shape. Yoga sessions are excellent too. Exercise increases blood flow in the body and nourishes skin cells, therefore helping you maintain a youthful glow. Another essential feature of exercising is a good body posture. Aging influences bone loss and one way to minimize the rate at which it occurs is to develop a stronger back and shoulders. Very often, people interpret a good posture as being confident, energetic, and graceful.

  1. Be mindful of your diet

Food nourishes the body and helps provide fuel to maintain energy levels. But did you know that what you eat influences your body and general outlook? Maintaining a balanced diet, eating at the right time, and in required quantities create the excellent platform you need to age gracefully. You must ensure every meal you consume has all six essential food groups. Vegetables, fruits, and nuts help slow down the aging process and therefore add even more spring in your step. As much as you may love your coffee in the morning or at any point of the day, make a conscious effort to restrict your intake to a few cups daily. Coffee is a diuretic and like any other diuretic, makes you excrete more fluids and lose body moisture, which might speed up the aging process.

  1. Maintain excellent oral hygiene

Over the years, the teeth having been exposed to many edibles, begin to discolor. All it takes to remedy this is a visit to the dentist. Apart from aesthetic reasons, aging and other related could cause dentition problems. Besides, you do not need to wait for old age before caring for your teeth. Brushing and flossing must be a daily self-grooming regimen. You must brush your teeth twice a day (in the morning and at night). It is usually advisable to visit the dentist twice a year or as often as may be required depending on your oral health. A healthy intake of milk (if you’re not lactose intolerant) and taking calcium supplements is another good way to maintain your teeth. Remember, your local pharmacy or physician should give the go-ahead before you ingest any supplement.

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