5 Reasons Mothers Should Give Birth in Water

5 Reasons Mothers Should Give Birth in Water

Water birth is a safe and natural option for delivery, and has been a common request throughout the history of midwifery and childbirth. Water births are also becoming a trend in modern obstetrics that’s been growing in popularity over the past decade. In fact, birthing would probably be more widely chosen if healthcare providers were up to speed on this option and its benefits. It can be a safe way to give birth that promotes mobility and flexibility, reduces pain, helps babies transition more gently into the world, and allows moms to recover more quickly postpartum. If you’re expecting, considering getting pregnant, or just curious, here are five reasons why mothers should give birth in water and how their babies benefit from it.

Relief From Pain 

Water immersion is a proven pain management technique. According to the American Pregnancy Association, “the buoyancy of the water helps reduce pressure on joints and muscles, which can ease aches and pains.” 

The weightlessness you feel in water can benefit your body as you transition through the stages of labor.

Possibly Quick Labor

Women who deliver in the water are not connected to consistent monitoring devices which allow them to move around freely. Movement helps to speed along labor, and the water itself also has many benefits, including providing a calming effect that can help a mother feel more in control of her body and environment.

More Gentle Transition

The first few days after birth can be stressful for you and your baby. The transition from the womb to life outside of it is a big one; for your newborn, it may feel like they’re being forced into a new world too quickly. Water birth helps babies gradually adjust to their new environment by giving them time to make small movements in the water before they are brought into the air. This gentle approach is thought to be less traumatic for newborns.

Faster Postpartum Recovery

One of the reasons a mother should consider giving birth in water is its benefit to postpartum recovery. It’s important to know that the benefits go beyond your baby. The waters can help moms recover more quickly postpartum. Mothers who deliver in water have praised its ability to help with:

  • Incontinence,
  • Postpartum depression and anxiety,
  • Hemorrhages,
  • and fatigue after delivery.

Water Birth Is Empowering

Water birth can be an empowering choice. It gives mothers a more private and comfortable experience during labor and delivery. Water birth also helps mothers recover from the postpartum effects of labor more quickly, which may lead to a better overall experience with your newborn child.

Some women may feel that water birth is a good fit for them—especially if they’re planning on delivering at home or in a birthing center with fewer medical interventions than hospitals typically provide. If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure whether water birth is right for you, it’s always best to ask your doctor before making any decisions.

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