5 Cool Gifts You Can Get Your Kids This Holiday Season

Looking for something out-of-the-box for your kiddo this holiday season? Here are some great gifts that they’re sure to get plenty of use out of. These are our picks for the five coolest gifts you can get your kids this holiday season.

A Snow Cone Machine

Is your kiddo a fan of sweet treats? If so, this is the perfect gift for them. The Hawaiian shaved ice machine makes at-home snow cones super easy. Your kids can also pick out their favorite syrups and enjoy all kinds of different flavors.

A Calming Stuffed Animal

Think of this as a stuffed emotional support animal. It’s a great tool to help your little ones regulate their big feelings. After you turn it on, the Purrble’s heart starts racing. Your kiddo can pet, hold, or cuddle it to calm it down. They’ll also calm down in the process.

A Nintendo Switch

This is perfect for little gamers. The Switch is portable, so you get all the benefits of older-generation handheld games. However, it’s also able to connect to the TV. This makes the Switch a versatile gift that can be played with friends or siblings.

They’ll simply disconnect the joy-con controllers from the Switch, and boom—two controllers. You may not even need to buy them an extra joy-con, unless they’re planning on playing with more than one friend.

The Switch is also one of the best ways to play cozy games such as Animal Crossing. Once the kids are asleep in their beds, you’re free to cuddle up with Tom Nook and a glass of wine!

A Kindle Paperwhite

This one is perfect for kids who can’t get enough of books. The Paperwhite is designed to mirror an actual book’s pages—the screen isn’t backlit. This makes it both easier on the eyes and able to be read in bright environments. That said, a booklight might be a great partner gift to give with this one!

It also comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids, which offers thousands of free books. Once that runs out, e-books are much less expensive than hard copies. Plus, they are far more travel-friendly, making the Kindle a great alternative to a backpack full of library books.

A Ride-On Car

If your kid loves to explore the great outdoors, this may be the perfect gift. A ride-on car gives them a new way to navigate outdoor spaces, and allows them to travel faster and further than before. Just make sure you discuss the boundaries of where they’re allowed to drive before they take it for a spin!

There are many different options when it comes to ride-on cars, including the voltage. Here are some differences between 12v vs 24v ride-on vehicles to get your research started.

These gifts are some of the coolest options for kids this holiday season. No matter which one you pick, your kid is sure to love it.

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