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4 Ways to Make Baking Safe & Fun with Kids

4 Ways to Make Baking Safe & Fun with Kids

4 Ways to Make Baking Safe & Fun with Kids

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Spending more time with your kids creates time for you as a parent to bond and know your kids better. Although baking together is often very appealing for both kids and parents, the kitchen can be a dangerous place for your little one. In the United States alone, more than 67,000 children sustain injuries in this part of the home every year. Here are some ways to enjoy baking while observing safety.

  1. Start with small uncomplicated recipes

The less time spent in the kitchen, the less risk is presented. Small uncomplicated recipes are fun to do without worrying about complex procedures. You can ask your child to sort the beans, whisk the egg, or stir the flour. Another uncomplicated task your child can perform is to peel hard-boiled eggs (once cool), mash potatoes, or sprinkle salt or sugar on foods about to be baked. If you are looking for a simple yummy crust recipe, try the butter pie crust recipe here

  1. Expect a mess but manage it

Baking is a messy task and doing it with your kids means more mess. Expect to have raw eggs splatters, flour on countertops, a dripping batter bowl, and spilled oils. Remember not to lose your head over the mess as it may also discourage your young ones from learning or helping out whenever they can. Make kitchen towels available, teach them how to crack open an egg without spillage, and sift the flour in larger bowls without coating their faces with it. Always encourage them to put soiled utensils into the kitchen sink to help reduce the clutter and clean up once they have spilled anything on the counters or the floor.

  1. Share and create family baking traditions

Apart from weekend baking or whipping up a storm in the kitchen during the holiday season, baking with your children establishes a family tradition. Pass down simple family recipes to your young ones as this is a sure way to get them in tune with family history and culture. Another way to make it even more fun is to make up new recipes and let your kids name these recipes that will stay with the family for life.

  1. Encourage independence

Children are usually mentally ready to recall simple recipes for baking by the time they are seven or eight years old, and it will require little help from you. For example, a pancake or chocolate cookie mix is easy to handle by your youngster. By the time kids are 5 or 6, they are ready to master a simple recipe. It is a practice used by many parents and guardians to build confidence and encourage independence in the kitchen.

The kitchen can be fun with your children if you take the necessary precautions. As discussed in point one, start small and with simple recipes that do not require complicated procedures. Be mindful of how you manage yourself in the kitchen because your kids will imitate what you do. Hopefully, the next time you get to bake with kids, everybody will have fun doing it.

4 Ways to Make Baking Safe & Fun with Kids

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