There’s comfort in the familiar. And in these increasingly uncertain and challenging times, we could all do with a little more familiarity. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t all need to pit some distance between ourselves and our stressors every once in a while. Yet, in the current climate, many of us will be exploring the world on their own doorstep and re-engaging with familiar vacation spots. And while this may be understandable, it’s not always the perfect recipe for the kind of vacations that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

As much as your instincts may be telling you to travel to the same old haunt you visit every year when you need to get away, there are a number of good reasons why you should actually pull in the opposite direction and try somewhere new and further afield for your next vacation…

There’s so much world to see

The world is a big place. Even if you manage an international getaway every year for the rest of your life, how many destinations do you think you’ll be able to see? Exactly. We all only have a finite amount of years left in our lives, and the world is a huge place with a cornucopia of sights, sounds, tastes, scents and (of course) fascinating people just waiting to be discovered. 

You might just discover your new favorite dish

One of the best ways to experience a new culture and a new destination is through our stomachs. One of the greatest gratifications of travelling to a new destination is being able to introduce our paletes to a whole new world of sumptuous cuisine. 

Trying out new dishes is a great way to experience the places we visit as the locals do. Not to mention getting our kids out of fussy eating habits

No matter where you go, you’re always able to stay safe

Needless to say, in this difficult time, we all want to keep ourselves and our families as safe as possible. And while this is a completely understandable instinct, it’s also important not to let it limit or curtail your travel plans. With a little research and local knowledge, you’ll find that you can keep yourself pretty much wherever you go. Just take a look at this guide to Ensuring a safe vacation in South America. In fact, while there are certainly good and bad destinations out there in terms of risk, you’ll likely find that there are very few places where you can’t travel in safety and comfort.  

New experiences make us come alive

Finally, it’s easy to get into the same old rhythms and the familiar, comfortable patterns. But let’s not forget the age-old adage “life begins outside your comfort zone”. Spending time in unfamiliar surroundings, surrounded by strange and exciting things can make our minds truly come alive in ways that make us realize that we’ve been sleepwaking through the same old routines for too long. 

Life is for living, and we can only really do so much of it when we stay within our comfort zones.

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  1. That is so very true. I often wonder the places , we do not go to because it’s out of our comfort zone. I cannot wait for the world to get back to normal to try a new place.

  2. I like this idea because we have a tendency to go to places where our family is comfortable and is used to the environment. Switching things up might come in handy this spring/summer.

  3. This really makes me want to go on vacation soon

  4. I know a lot of people who hold back and won’t even leave the country. There are so many great things to see, and safely!

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