4 global tips to keep your home nice and cozy in time for the winter

Around the world, people gear up for the winter season in different ways. Though some winters may be harsher or easier for others, all require some sort of preparation. After all, staying safe and warm is still the priority wherever you are.

That way, you can enjoy all the hot chocolate and s’mores-by-the-fireplace to the fullest. So take your cue from these home winter tips from around the world, and ensure your home stays nice and cozy for the season.

Seal windows and doors, Canada

Canadians, especially those who live further north, are no strangers to cold weather. As such, most of their homes are already built to stand against winter conditions. However, despite the winter proof design of many buildings the cold can usually still seep in through gaps around windows and doors, with Natural Resources Canada detailing how 25% of heat is lost through these gaps. One inexpensive way to remedy this is to have weather stripping installed. Just remember to check every now and then if it needs to be replaced.

Maintain your boiler, UK

Winter in the UK can be a difficult time for homeowners, especially if their home is not ready for the winter conditions. In fact, a report on The Week warns that the current winter may be the coldest one yet.

As such, many citizens rely on their appliances to keep their homes toasty. But it’s not enough to just have the boilers on hand for such incidents, they need to be prepared in case something goes wrong. This is why UK-based HomeServe advises its 1.8 million customers to insure their boilers and get them regularly checked. Any unexpected repairs that need to be done can take a long time if not properly prepared for, which will leave your home without heat for an extended period of time. The key takeaway is to always make sure your boiler and heating system is ready for the colder months.

Buy electric heaters, Japan

When tourists visit Japan in the winter, the first thing they notice is how icy it is, even indoors. Unlike our homes, the Japanese don’t have central heating. This is because earthquakes are so frequent in the country that houses are always being rebuilt. As such, installing heating ducts and insulation would merely be a waste of money if they have to be repaired again and again. As a solution, they rely on electric heaters instead. From kotatsus to electric rugs, the Japanese use plug-in appliances to keep them warm. Sure, it can rack up electric bills, but it’s still cheaper than drastic repairs. Moreover, it’s a hassle-free way to winter-proof homes for those who can’t afford big renovations.

Clean your gutters, NYC

New York City is popular for many things, like its dynamic energy and colorful culture. But what you don’t see in the movies is that winters there can get pretty unforgiving. To prevent the snow from reaching inside, citizens call in experts from companies like Top Hat Home Services or Add Ventures to clear their gutters. This not only ensures that the downspouts don’t crack because of the weight of debris, but it also prevents the water from going into the drainage system and freezing the pipes.

If you haven’t done your winter prep yet, it’s never too late. As the days get shorter and nights get chillier, there’s certainly no better time than now.

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  1. Thanks for sharing so wonderful tips,
    Nothing like keeping the home warm, being environmentally friendly and saving money.

  2. Choose a deep jewel tone and a softer fabric than your standard crisp white cotton to give the living room a cozier feel.

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