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Self-love may just seem like a buzzword that blogs and motivational websites use to make you feel good about yourself. But it’s not. It’s much more than that. After all, most of us tend to treat ourselves more poorly than we may treat our friends. For instance, we may catch ourselves criticizing our mess-ups, to the point where we probably wouldn’t be friends with someone who had spoken to us like that.

While we’re sometimes blind to our virtues, we are totally aware of our faults, at least, those who reflect on themselves tend to be much more inclined to do this. After all, our minds are natural troubleshooters, and for this reason, trying to see what has gone wrong is important for us to improve.

To break this cycle and living in that headspace constantly, however, taking the time to practice comprehensive self-love is a great idea. You may have to allocate time for this, if you have it. Not only can this help you feel great in yourself, but you’ll no doubt look wonderful too. With that in mind, let’s consider:

Invest In Yourself

From time to time, it’s important to invest in yourself to the degree that you can. This might mean opting for reparative care such as porcelain veneers, or cosmetic dentistry that helps you resolve a problem. Sometimes, it might mean purchasing a gym membership, or even expressing yourself through new clothing. If starting a job, then investing in a new vehicle you can pay off over time may help you gain that professional head on your shoulders once more. Over time, you’ll be able to make a thorough difference in showing ‘you’re worth it.’

Write Out Positive Affirmations

It can be good to encourage positive self-talk even if it’s hard to do this naturally. We’d recommend writing out all of your goals and well-wishes for the year in a journal, and keeping up with this. Writing out positive affirmations can help you reinforce beautiful self-talk that keeps you on the straight and narrow, such as motivating you to lose weight over the coming months, or simply trying in one of your courses despite struggling with it. If you can champion yourself, then you’ll put that extra effort in to prove yourself right.

Give Yourself The Benefit Of The Doubt

You’re likely nowhere near as bad as you think you are. Giving yourself the benefit of the doubt and seeking to improve when you fail can make a big difference. Too often we can take minor setbacks and think that this is a condemnation of our character and who we are, when really, in the long run, it might be a valuable learning experience. So, if you give others the benefit of the doubt, why not yourself? This doesn’t mean we have to avoid criticism, rather, we can put it in its proper place. This helps you progress and grow, which is the definition of self-permissiveness, and curates the ability to help you develop in the best way, expanding on your prior limits.

With this advice, we hope you can practice comprehensive self love in the best possible way, and without illusion.

3 Great Ways To Practice Comprehensive Self-Love

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