3 Day Refresh


3 Day Refresh

I’m trying something new that I have been skeptical of for years. Every since 3 Day Refresh came out it’s something that I have never been able to get behind promoting. I’ve tried a variety of cleanses in the past, 7-day juice fast, Isagenix, detoxes just to name a few. All of these programs left me grouchy and a terrible person to be around. Sure I lost weight. Of course, I lost weight! I wasn’t eating. Not to mention the juice fasts are just ridiculous. You are essentially stripping one of the most important things from the fruits and vegetables, fiber and drinking a glass of sugar. So all this to say I haven’t tried 3 Day Refresh because I think cleanses are b.s.

What made me change my mind and try 3 Day Refresh?

Over the past 3 months or so I’ve fallen into some bad habits. Eating bad foods, portion sizes out of control, drinking too much, slacking on my workouts. All of these bad habits have sort of snowballed into each other. As a result, I’ve gained all of my weight back and some, I’m feeling lethargic and my skin is not looking great. This is the point when some people would say, well I guess that whole Beachbody thing isn’t working for you anymore. Nope!! I’m not working for me! I stopped putting in the work so I stopped seeing results. Simple as that. You can’t just buy a program, go through it a few times and expect it to last a lifetime. If you want to see lasting results you have to make lasting lifestyle changes.

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine and fellow coach reached out to me and asked me if I would be up for doing 3 Day Refresh with her. Ugh!! Here all of this time I’ve secretly rolled my eyes at all of the coaches doing this stupid cleanse and here I am thinking about actually buying it. I’ve been feeling crappy and needed something to jumpstart my body so I decided to give it a try.

So here I am going through 3 Day Refresh as I type this. And I have to say so far, so good. I haven’t been grouchy because I actually get to eat food. It’s not a lot of food so I’m spacing the portions out. But it’s not terrible like the other cleanses I’ve done. I have Shakeology in the morning along with a fruit of my choice, herbal tea a little later, Fiber Sweep mid-morning, Vanilla fresh, fresh veggies, hummus and a fruit for lunch, another serving of veggies and hummus for an afternoon snack, vanilla fresh and veggie stir fry for dinner. I’m honestly eating more often that usual just smaller portions and healthier options.

Am I expecting this to cure my bad eating habits? Absolutely not. My addiction to bad foods is totally a mental thing that no cleanse can fix. Am I expecting to lose weight in 3 days? Sure I may lose a couple of pounds. Am I expecting to feel better and have more energy in 3 days? Heck yes. If I can get the bad stuff out of my system and replace it with good I consider that worth it.

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