15 Ways To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

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The last year has been a difficult and stressful one for all and now the end is looking near its time to start repairing ourselves. Being healthy isn’t just about your body but also about your mind, if you are planning on improving your health and happiness over the next year then take a look at our tips below to help get you started.

  1. Create a Plan

First thing you will need to do is create a plan, this will help you stick to your goals. Create some small achievable targets whether that be weekly, monthly or yearly. Then refer back to your plan throughout the year to see if you are on track, doing this will give you the motivation to carry on.

  1. Make Better Food Choices

Choosing to eat healthy is always a good thing, so next time you do your weekly food shop think about the food you are putting in your basket. Read the packaging to see what foods are truly healthy as a lot of foods we think are healthy are actually full of sugar. Try and avoid processed food as they can be very unhealthy. Eating healthy is all about eating in moderation so don’t think that you will have to give up all your favourite foods.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is so important, yet we seem to take it for granted sometimes. Getting a good full night’s sleep can help reduce stress, anxiety and weight gain. It is important for your body to recover from the day, if you are having trouble sleeping try some sleep apps like Calm or Sleep booster to help you wind down and drift off into a deep sleep.

  1. Drink More Water

Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so it is essential we keep ourselves hydrated throughout the day. Drinking lots of water also helps improve your skin making it more elastic, clearing up blemishes and dark circles under the eye.

  1. Quit Bad Habits

If your plan is to be healthier than think about what bad habits you could quit. There are many resources to help you quit smoking, alcohol and other harmful substances. It starts with you so once you’ve made the decision to quit that’s the first step to becoming a healthier happier you.

  1. Meditate

To help calm your mind and destress from the overbearing world, take some time out of your day to meditate. Whether it’s ten minutes in the morning or just before you go to bed will really help prepare you for the day ahead or relax you ready for sleep. 

  1. Get Active

You have probably heard it before that exercise is not only good for us physically but mentally too. The endorphins that are released when we exercise give us a natural high and make us think positively after a workout. Start by doing a 10 minute brisk walk each day and increase the speed and / or time weekly to help build up your endurance. Maybe find out where your local gym is and sign up or find a home workout that fits around your lifestyle. If you are up for a challenge sign up for an event or the couch to 5k to help motivate you and get you moving.

  1. Surround Yourself With Positive People

If we are surrounded by positive people then we naturally become more positive too. Sometimes when our houses become overcrowded we tend to declutter and remove all the unnecessary items that no longer give us joy, this can also apply to the people in our lives. If there are people that impact your life negatively, then think about removing them from your life and surround yourself with more positive and like minded people.

  1. Take a Break From Social Media

Social media is full of fake people and fake lives. Everyone puts the best versions of their life on show and it can be hard not to compare your life to others that seem to be living better lives than you. Opt to take some time off social media, it can help boost your positivity and outlook on life.

  1. Take a Break

We work hard every day to have a roof over our heads and food on the table, but sometimes we can burn out. Before this happens try and take a break, whether it’s a long weekend doing absolutely nothing or a two week break in the carribean, we all deserve some time to reboot and shut our minds off to our day to day lives.

  1. Read More

Turn off your phone, TV and laptop and pick up a book. Staring too much at a screen can be bad for your eyes, so opt to read a book instead. Reading can help you connect to your imagination and transport you into a different reality. It doesn’t have to be a novel, maybe pick up an educational book or a lifestyle magazine. 

  1. Start a New Hobby

If you are finding yourself doing the same routine over and over again, then it might be time to pick up a new hobby. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to play an instrument or learn a new language, whatever it is, take some time out of your day to learn a new skill. 

  1. Get a Check Up Regularly

It is important that our bodies are healthy so if you are feeling any aches or pains that you have been ignoring then it’s time to visit your doctor, dentist, eye doctor or other health care professional. Ensure you get regular check ups, concierge medicine can help make the visiting the doctor process easier. 

It’s also healthy to think of the future when it comes to managing our self-care, particularly when preventing certain conditions or managing them in the present. This might involve using an orthodontic consultation to potentially use braces, allowing you to straighten your teeth, improving both your dental health and the beauty of your smile in the long run. Our bodies are organic beings that need a little bit of management and maintenance once in a while, doing be afraid to make time for that when needed.

  1. Get out into nature

Getting out and experience nature has proven to lower your cortisol which is connected to your stress hormone. So get outside for a nice stroll and breath in the fresh air and listen to the sweet sounds of nature.

  1. Practice Manifesting

If you want something in life then manifesting can help you get it. Thinking positively about certain things over and over again can help you towards achieving your goals. So next time you have a free minute manifest that you will be living a healthier and happier life within the upcoming year.

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15 Ways To Live A Healthier & Happier Life

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  1. I guess for staying happier you need to go out and walk while nature embraces your mind…Also, try to do exercises for your body as you will feel yourself so peppy and buoyant!

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