15 Things To Do To Get In The Holiday Spirit
15 Things To Do To Get In The Holiday Spirit

For six weeks at the end of each year, some people grump and grouch about almost everything as the holiday season wraps around them. Other individuals are filled with sunshine, laughter, and good cheer. While there is no rhyme or reason why some people love the holidays and others do not, this list may help you find your Christmas joy and “elfhood.” So, if you love the Christmas season, and if you are one of those that begin setting up holiday decorations the day after Thanksgiving, you may use these simple tricks to help get into the holiday spirit long before December 25th arrives.

1. Trimming the Tree

Begin looking online for ways to decorate your Christmas tree this year. If you need a new tree, check out the Balsam Hill reviews to see what they have to offer.

2. Building a House

Create a gingerbread house with a purchased kit or make the cookie house sections yourself and add handfuls of different types of candy. You can also use graham crackers instead of gingerbread for a smaller version of the treat.

3. Begin a Countdown

Select a day and begin a countdown to the event! Choose advent calendars with surprise treats or create a wooden version you can keep for many years to come. Pick a theme or add cute animals to make it truly and uniquely yours.

4. Remind Yourself Daily

Become one of those people that wishes everyone a “Happy Holiday!” Sharing a smile can lighten other people’s days and even cause them to smile.

5. Become a Santa

Early each season, there are groups that ask for help with gifts for disadvantaged children. Set aside a few dollars and purchase items from the list for the organization you choose. If you get the chance to attend the gift-giving ceremony, why not join in and see the delight your gifts can bring!

6. Start the Movies

Thousands of holiday movies have been created, and some of them are really good. Choose one or two (or 10), and binge-watch the shows with eggnog or another holiday drink. Not only will you create a holiday mood, but you may also start a family tradition.

7. Decorate a Cookie

As the holiday season begins, the need for cookies arrives as well. With sprinkles, frosting, or painted faces, the array of types of sweet treats appears endless. Choose some simple sugar cookies and begin decorating the munchable delights.

8. Listen to Music

Whether you enjoy religiously inspired holiday music, old fashioned classics, or the toe-tapping, laugh-out-loud silly songs, the Christmas holidays have it all. Make a file of your favorite songs and begin downloading a playlist during November so you can be ready to enjoy each of your favorites.

9. Adorn Your Home

Add decorations to your home’s outside to create a festive atmosphere, but don’t forget to decorate the inside, too. If you want a few ideas, check out the Treetopia reviews and see what other people have done.

10. Wear the Sweater

Everyone has one. The holiday sweater that makes people smile. Whether it is ugly, beautiful, or somewhere in between, why not wear your sweater through the whole holiday season? Better yet, buy a new sweater and wear them both – but not at the same time.

If you ever have a moment when you can’t get into the holiday spirit, use the above list to prepare yourself mentally for the celebrations to come. You may be surprised how easy it is to slip into the joyous cheer you create with each new activity. Oh, one last thing – don’t forget to wear a Santa hat all season long!

15 things to do to get into the christmas spirit

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  1. This post (just reading it) definitely put me more in the Christmas mood! Sometimes with all the hustle and bustle, you have loose the Christmas spark! All cute ideas! My almost two year did “help” us put the ornaments on the tree which was a joy to watch!

  2. I love your list and will probably start with #6 and try to make it a family tradition. Happy holidays’ season!

  3. wearing christmas clothes and decorating the home always gets me in the holiday spirit. I also love playing music in the car.

  4. Become a Santa! Such a great reminder. When our kids were very young we had a family rule…if there was a kettle outside the store and we were going inside to shop, we needed to have something to give. It was important to us that our kids grew up seeing the holidays as a balance of not just getting but of giving. I love your list of great suggestions for keeping the true spirit of Christmas.

  5. Thanks for these! Super mom tips 😍

  6. Excellent activities to encourage Christmas spirit! My kids put Christmas music on every morning, it’s lovely! We are hoping to decorate the tree this weekend.

  7. I have to admit, I’ve been in the Christmas spirit since about November 1st haha! I can’t help myself, I absolutley love Christmas! I listen to Christmas music all day everyday too!

    -madi xo | http://www.everydaywithmadirae.com

  8. At first I was like, “build a house?” That wouldn’t be a fun time of year to be building. LOL! But then I saw you meant Gingerbread house! So fun. We do all of these and it makes Christmas that much more special. Love your list. And I think I need to get myself a Christmas sweater…or maybe long sleeve seeing I live in Phoenix and sweaters are usually too hot 😉

  9. We’re getting our tree tonight and the kids are so excited. We’ll be baking for the 12 days of Christmas. A different dessert from the 13th until Christmas. Happy Holidays.

  10. I love Christmas time! Isn’t it the best time of the year! Love these tips too!

  11. For me December is all about Christmas vibe. The list surely includes plenty of ways to keep the Christmas vibe up

  12. This is a great holiday bucket list. I like to try to do a lot of fun traditions before and around the holidays so that we don’t leave anything out!

  13. All of these ideas are perfect. We will be watching movies tonight.

  14. I love this list! So inspiring. Thanks for sharing – these are so fun 🙂

  15. Yes, we have definitely started with the movies and we’re planning to decorate a cookie as one of the activities for kids while we wait for midnight. Thank you for reminding me. I have to get a new set of matching sweaters for the family.

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