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  1. House Plants

The traditional thing to buy someone when they move into their new home is a houseplant. Find out whether your recipient is green thumbed or a novice plant owner as this will determine what type of plant you should buy. To be on the safe side we recommend gifting a plant that doesn’t require much care, plants like the chinese money plant, aloe and dragon tree are all great examples. If you are feeling stuck on which plant to use there are many useful guides out there to help you decide.

  1. Alcohol To Cheers

Champagne all around when cheersing to a new home. Although champagne is the most popular choice there are a range of other nice wines, spirits or beers you can choose from. Have a think about what your recipient likes to drink, is it a smooth red wine, a taste of caribbean rum or maybe a simple beer. If you are still unsure, a safe option in processo, its sparkling and a good drink to cheers a new home to.

  1. Personalised Chopping Board

Everyone uses a chopping board so why not go one step further and gifting a personalised one. You can put whatever you like on it but a safe bet is to put for example “Sarah and John’s First Home 2021”. Choosing a chopping board with good quality wood that reflects the personality of the receiver is important for that extra personal touch.

  1. Set Of Glasses

Every home needs glasses whether it be for water, wine, champagne, whisky, or margaritas. Splash out on some premium glasses to give to your friends or family. You can buy this alongside a nice bottle of wine and christen the new home in style. 

  1. Glass Art Box

If your friends or family like their house to be decorated with ornaments and keepsakes then a glass art box is just for them. Choose a design that represents them or maybe opt for one that says “New Home” inside. Expressions in Glass, LLC have some great examples of different designs.

  1. Decorative Cushions or Throws

To make a house a home you need to make it feel cosy, gifting a nice throw or cushions can really help pull the home together. If your friends or family are eccentric opt for bright patterned colours, or for a more toned down option choose neutral greys and beiges. There are also some great handmade options out there where you can have something personal embroidered, whether that be their initials, move in date or an inside joke.

  1. Cookbook

Sourcing a good cookbook full of homemade recipes is a great gift to give someone. If you are a whiz in the kitchen yourself then why not why not create your own cookbook. A hand written book of family recipes is a great gift to give a loved one in their new home.

  1. Cheese Board

For food lovers, a cheese board is an excellent gift. There are some excellent companies online that you can order a premade selection from or if you are feeling up for it create your own board. You could pair it with some nice wine or display it on that personalised chopping board.

  1. Interior Design Book

When you move into a new home you usually want to make it your own this means redecorating to add your own personal touch. We think a great housewarming gift is an interior design book. Kinfolk, Habitat and The Home Edit are all great books. 

  1. Smart Home Device

For a more modern gift that is useful to the home, consider gifting a smart home device. Ring doorbells are a popular one, they are not just a doorbell but also have a camera and speaker allowing you to see and speak to visitors when you are not in. Another great device is a Nest thermostat, it is there to help you control your heating when you are not home, saving you money. It is a great gift for people who like to save money and are conscious about the environment.

  1. Painting, Prints or Photos

A painting, print or photo is a wonderful gift for new homeowners. But what do you get them a picture of? There are a variety of artistic patterns you can choose from or for something a little different you could get them a framed map of the city they have moved to or for nostalgia the city they moved from. A nice photo frame with a personal photo inside is also a great option.

  1. Cocktail Kit

If your friends are cocktail lovers then why not buy them a fancy cocktail kit. You could also throw in a cocktail recipe book and some ingredients so they get started on making their drinks straight away. 

  1. Decanters

For something a little different you could source a chic decanter as a gift. There are so many great quirky designs for wine, water or oil that will be a hit with any recipient. Get one that reflects the personality of the owner and would look great on display.

  1. Christmas Bauble

If your friends or family move into their new home around christmas time, then an excellent gift is a personalised bauble. It can be two gifts in one, a house warming gift and christmas gift. There are so many different baubles designs out there to choose from. 

  1. Don’t Forget The Card!

As with any gift, choosing a card to gift is always a lovely gesture. With a card you can get really personal, writing a heartfelt message in a card for your friends or family could be all the gift they need. Sometimes it’s the more simple things in life that mean the most to us, so if you are on a budget don’t think that a card is not enough, you can make anything priceless with a little extra thought and love.

We love all the gift ideas and hope you do too, for some more ideas take a look at UNIQUE GIFT BASKET IDEAS THAT ANYONE WILL LOVE.

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