Is your washing machine getting a bit old or acting up more often? Hiring someone to come and fix your machine can be very costly, but there are some things you can do yourself to prevent the worst from happening. If you follow these washing machine maintenance tips, you can keep your machine running well for years to come.

1. Keep it Clean 

One of the most basic steps for washer maintenance is doing a deep clean now and again. Using a machine cleaner can get that grime off your machine and help your clothes come out cleaner.

Something to remember is that machines do wear down over time, and depending on your machine, you might end up needing repairs to fix the problem. If you work through these steps and still have a machine malfunctioning, hire someone who knows how to work on your specific device. Like if you use an Electrolux washer, you’ll want someone who can handle Electrolux appliance repairs.

2. Clean the Gasket

The rubber gasket that wraps around the edge of your washing machine can get more residue on it over time, but it’s easy to fix. Clean it once a week so you know it won’t cause any problems in the long run.

3. Outside Clean

It might seem like a less obvious tip, but keeping your washer and dryer clean on the outside can help maintain the machine. Keep that top uncluttered, so when you need to do laundry or clean part of the appliance, you don’t put it off because of extra chores.

4. Clean Up Spills

It’s easy to drip a little detergent here and there and assume it won’t be an issue or will wash away in the machine. But detergent is sticky and thick and can cause a clog or later problem. If you spill detergent, clean it right away, so it doesn’t have time to be difficult later.

5. Leave the Door Open

When it comes to washer/dryer maintenance tips, this one is key. Leaving the door open, even for as long as an hour after use, can help dry out your machine and prevent the build-up of bacteria later. 

6. Clean the Dispensers

You might have done this task in your deep clean, but if you forget, make sure you are checking on your detergent and fabric softener dispensers. Cleaning the dispensers can prevent bacteria from forming so you won’t be washing your clothes in a dirty environment. 

7. Check Hoses

Most machines have three hoses, two going in and one going out. To keep your machine in good condition, you should check these semi-regularly for cracks or clogs, so a disaster doesn’t happen down the line.

8. Check the Filter

Washing machines also have a lint filter! Not all of them do, but it’s a good idea to check if yours does so you can clean it regularly and prevent a clog from occurring.

9. Don’t Overload

Being gentle with your machine is an obvious way to help it last longer. Don’t put too much clothing in each load, so it doesn’t become overworked and malfunction from strain on parts.

10. Good Detergent

Not all detergent is created equal, and some can do more harm than good. Be sure you’re using the right amount and a detergent that works well with your washing machine.

11. Load Evenly

Even if you’re not overloading your washer, you still want to be careful to spread the clothes out evenly when you place them in. If they are too overloaded to one side, it can cause problems in the spin cycle.

Washing Machine Maintenance Made Easy

The best tip for washing machine maintenance is to remember to do it. These are many tiny tasks that are easy to forget, so try to schedule clearing and checking your washer and dryer in with other weekly chores so they don’t go forgotten. And if you found this helpful, check us out for more helpful tips.

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  1. I’m glad that you talked about the importance of using the type of detergent that would work well with the washer. In my case, I used a very harsh chemical cleaner that I ended up damaging it. I just hope that it can still be repaired by appliance experts so I won’t have to buy a new one.

  2. These are some great tips! My favorite two methods are to keep the gasket clean and to leave the doors open so that the water can dry out. Thanks for sharing!

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