Apple conducts an annual update to the Mac OS for many reasons. Usually, the update comes with a name based on a recurring theme. Such was the case for the Mojave when it introduced a new set of features to the system.

This time, Mac OS Catalina has a new set of features and changes that it introduces. It paves the way to new features present in upcoming Apple devices. It also includes notable facelifts to existing apps that users will soon experience.

Curious about what waits for you with this update and what you may have missed? Let us look at these MacOS Catalina new features.

1. Updated Photos App

One of the MacOS Catalina new features that you will encounter is this updated take on the Photos App. It now has a better look with a redesigned home screen. The app also comes with a new set of features such as video auto-play and a new sorting scheme.

With this new organization system, the app can filter photos by Best by Day, Month, or Year. Other notable features include the ability to remove duplicates and clutter. All this is available while showing you the best shots and important events.

2. Sidecar as a Second Monitor

Another of the neat Mac Catalina features is the ability to use your iPad alongside your MacBook or Mac Pro as your second monitor. This is what Sidecar does for your iPad, letting it work as an extension to your laptop or desktop.

You can drag windows from your laptop or desktop monitor to your iPad. Allowing you to view or work from that display.

3. Sidecar as a Drawing Implement

Another neat feature appealing to presenters and graphic artists is a drawing implement. In the form of Apple Pencil. This means that you can use your iPad as a drawing tablet. Perfect for apps like Adobe Illustrator and ZBrush to name a few.

4. Screen Time

Curious about knowing how much you frequently use your Apple devices? You can do this with Screen Time. By having it on all your devices, you can see details such as the hours spent using them.

You can also use Screen Time to set up limits to all your Apple devices. It works wonders for setting limits for children who use Apple devices and for scheduling offline hours. It also helps with viewing which apps and websites take up your time.

5. Hover Text

You can find this under the selection of accessibility options the new Mac OS update brings to the table. When activated using the Command key or whichever modifier key you mapped it to, you can see objects magnified in high resolution. In this case, you can see the magnified item (such as a menu item, text, button, etc.) in a separate window.

This helps people who have setbacks with their vision. This lets them see items that seem too obscure due to the text or object size. To access this, you can go to System Preferences. From there, go to Accessibility, then go towards Zoom and find the Hover Text feature there.

6. Light and Dark Mode Updates

You may have encountered the Light and Dark modes in the Mojave update. You can access this by going to System Preferences. From there, you go to General and then select Appearance. Here, you can choose between Light or Dark for the system’s general appearance.

Catalina brings in an update that provides you with a new option: Auto. This option can adjust the mode you are in depending on the time of day.

This helps reflect the optimal appearance for night time. While the mode switches to something perfect for the daytime.

7. Safari Updates

Safari has many neat features as an internet browser, sporting a new spread of them on this new update. This time, you can see a new start page along with suggested content using your browsing history as its basis. It even includes links from Messages.

Other features that Safari sports with this new update include the assessment of password strength.

8. Replacement Apps to iTunes

This is an important note for those using iTunes for backing up their apps and other files. The Catalina update introduces three separate apps to take the place of iTunes. These are Apple TV, Podcast, and Music.

These three apps stand out as dedicated sources for audio and video content, separated from each other for distinction compared to the approach done by the iTunes app. If you want to enjoy videos, use the Apple TV app. Music and Podcasts take care of the audio, whether for music or podcasts.

Just in case, you can get the iTunes app separately.

9. New Security and Privacy Features for macOS

Catalina comes with new security and privacy protections for your system. This includes the ability to view permissions for applications to record your screen. Another notable feature is in taking and running the system software in a separate disk volume.

Before you take on this update, check the prerequisites and see if your device can handle Mac OS Catalina. Once you do, you can go to the System Update and proceed from there.

Otherwise, you can also conduct the update manually. Still asking “how to update my OS for Mac?” Check out this guide here.

10. The “Find My” App

The “Find My” app is a result of two apps merged to serve this same function. In this case, Find Friends and Find My iPhone fall in together in a single package. Aside from the notable features present in those two apps, it also sports powerful locator capabilities.

In this case, it can help you find your device even when it is offline. What it uses to locate it are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals. This proves helpful when you try to figure out where your iPhone would be if ever you misplaced it or worse.

Get Mac OS Catalina New Features

Now that you have a glimpse of these MacOS Catalina new features.

Take your time to consider if your Mac laptop or desktop can handle it. Check the prerequisites and take note of the changes. From there, enjoy these new features.

But why stop here when we have even more Mac guides for you? Keep on reading to discover all the Mac tips you need right here!

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