Why Are You Not Losing Weight?

Talking about weight is a tricky subject. You’ve read countless magazine articles that encourage women to celebrate their bodies and love every shape. And you agree. You know that you don’t have to squeeze to a size zero to prove that you are valuable and loveable. 

But at the same time, you had your eyes on a cute little bikini. So, you’ve been working on your summer body, intending to wear your new bikini at the beach. “I am perfect as I am,” you think. “But I’d be a little more perfect if I could look stunning in my summer outfit.” After all, there’s nothing wrong with getting fitter and shedding some of the lingering pandemic weight. But if you are feeling frustrated because you don’t see any improvement, here are some tips to help you achieve your dream bikini bod!

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You’re stressing out about it

A lean body means one thing: A strong metabolism. If you have a sluggish metabolism, you will find it tricky to shape up. Basically, your metabolism refers to how many calories your body can burn. Fast metabolisms burn more calories. Unfortunately, a variety of factors can slow down your metabolism, and that includes your stress levels. If you are feeling stressed out, it creates a hormonal imbalance that will weaken your metabolism. In other words, it’s a good idea not to obsess too much about your bikini bod as it’s putting harmful pressure on yourself. Learn to relax throughout the day with relaxation techniques and a positive attitude. You will immediately notice positive changes, such as better sleep quality and improved digestion, which will boost your metabolism. 

You don’t know what works for you

Every body is different. The perfect workout for your best friend may not be efficient at all for you because your body has different needs. That’s precisely why you want to start your story with a solid understanding of your biological needs, using the fitness test from Dynamic DNA Laboratories. This DNA test empowers you to make better decisions for your body, as it identifies the optimal exercises for weight loss and your muscle strength potential.  It can be helpful to combine this test with a vitamin and nutrient deficiency test. Vitamin deficiencies can affect how your body adjusts to a new fitness routine. 

You’ve not ventured into getting professional help

The reason for your lack of weight loss might be somewhat down to everything that’s going on internally. Perhaps something isn’t quite right and needs further attention. Getting professional help might be just what you need to help resolve any internal problems that may have been underlying now for some time.
Speaking to a local gastroenterologist for advice on your digestive system or approaching a health professional for further tests might be a good next step to do.

You don’t track your calories

There’s no secret: if you want to lose weight, you need to make sure you know what you are eating. Most people don’t realize they follow an imbalanced diet or are eating too much or not enough. Calorie counter apps such as Lifesum or MyFitnessPal can be a useful tool to gain an understanding of your eating habits. You might discover that you are not consuming enough proteins or that those sneaky snacks you love are carb-heavy with no nutritional value. An app can help to educate yourself and make better choices. It is important to remember that calorie apps shouldn’t be used as a way to punish yourself with unrealistic calorie restrictions but as an opportunity to learn more about nutrition.  

First of all, every individual needs to acknowledge that weight is no indication of your worth. However, if you decide to lose weight to improve your health (or because you really want to wear that cute bikini), you have to approach the journey with self-love and education. Look after your health, both mental and physical, to create positive and long-lasting results. 

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