What To Do if You Suspect Your Child Has ADHD

Everyone wants their children to succeed in life, and they tend to teach them that they can achieve anything when they put their minds to it. However, this may not come as easy to your child as it should if you have noticed signs that hint at difficulties in maintaining attention. Get proactive before you find yourself in an endless spiral of thoughts and concerns. Here is what to do if you suspect your child has ADHD.

Record Symptoms

As of now, your child’s possible ADHD is all speculation. So before you set out to meet with a medical professional, record your child’s symptoms for a couple of days or weeks. Reach out to any teachers or supervisors and ask if they have noticed any behavior in your child deviating from the norm. Having some notes on hand will be helpful, as you have a more detailed account of what’s going on.

See a Specialist

Once you have some notes recording your child’s possible symptoms, set out to contact a specialist. This is the most important step if you suspect your child has ADHD. You might find yourself surprised to know that many professionals can diagnose your child: a pediatrician, family doctor, neurologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. However, to ensure you receive the most informed diagnosis, have your child see a professional who works solely in the psych field, particularly with children.

Treatment Options

If you find yourself concerned over the treatment options, worry not, as there are many treatments available for your child should they need them. There are well-known stimulants, but there is also non-stimulant medication available and therapy that doesn’t use medication.

There is no right or wrong option, only that which is best for your child. The specialist will talk about the treatment options available and what they would recommend. You only need to think about this if your child receives a diagnosis, but it’s still helpful to have this knowledge on hand.

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