Top Family-Friendly Surfing Locations

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Surfing is a sport that is beloved by millions all over the world, but finding hidden gems that are not swamped with people can be the challenging part. Once you have grabbed a mens summer wetsuits and other equipment that you need, it is time to start looking, but where do you begin? Here, we have compiled a list of some of our choices for top family-friendly surfing locations worldwide.

San Sebastian, Spain

If you are taking your family to San Sebastian, then you can do no better than Zurriola beach. This stunning beach is the perfect place to take your family shopping regardless of the experience that they have. There are both small waves and much larger waves that are perfect for all the family as well as the more experienced members. In addition to stunning surfing locations, there are a number of other locations for you and the family to visit such as the Aquarium and the Sam Telmo Museoa, making this the ideal location for a family of any size.

Punta Mita In Mexico

In addition to the stunning beaches and amazing hotels, this location, along the coast of Mexico, is one of the best for beginners and the more experienced ones out there. Another benefit of bringing your family here is the vast amount of surf schools for your little ones to join – this is great for the adults as you can enjoy your time out on the water knowing that your young ones are learning from a professional. If you are travelling for a two-week period without any surfing equipment, the Punta Mita surf shop is the perfect location for all your surfing needs. When visiting, it is important to remember that you can also rent your equipment for the duration of your stay, allowing you to return it when it comes time to leave.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cornwall in the United Kingdom is arguably one of the most popular locations in the entirety of the country. Not only is it the perfect location for sunny weather, but there are a number of other activities to do such as visiting the Eden project or visiting one of the many restaurants along the seafront. Depending on the time of year that you visit, the waves in this location can be large or small – this makes it the perfect location for surfers of all experience levels as there is a surfing school located on the seafront to help your young ones learn the ropes as you enjoy the open waves.

Hossegor, Cote d’Argent in France

As part of the Bay of Biscay, this surfing location is perfect for some of the best surf in the world. Not only this, but there is a stretch of 225km of pure golden sand for you to enjoy allowing you to sit and relax in-between catching some of the best waves in the country. In addition to this hidden gem, there are a number of other amazing surfing locations along the north coast that are perfect for all experience levels as well as offering some of the world’s best surf schools.

Regardless of the location that you are looking to travel to, it is important to think of the family and the best sports for not only surfing but other activities. Whether this is trips to a theme park nearby or even a 5-star hotel for you to relax and unwind whilst escaping the sun, your destination is completely up to you.

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